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I have already lost 10lbs since January through sensible eating and I feel that I can do even better if some form of exercise is introduced in my diet.

The main problem is that after doing any short form of any exercises I get extremely tired, the dizziness gets worse and the balance and the nausea to the point where I have actually vomitted. I tried walking but with my weak leg I find it difficult.

I have bought a wii fit but that causes so much tiredness too. I love to go swimming but I can't swim.

Before the SAH I used to go to the gym and used the power plate but I will be too scared to use that now because of the other aneurysm.

I know some of you go to the gym, any tips that you can give to help me get myself motivated to exercise and reach my ideal weight.

Myra xx

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Hi Myra the best person to ask would be your ns, I was running for buses and alsorts with my aneurysm in my head just 4wks after the op on the ruptured one however I would ask your ns when it comes to exercising regularly. Jess.xxx

Hope you get to find some you can do.

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I go to water aerobics with my local stroke support group. It is geared up to people who have had all types of strokes. I find I can do just about all of the exercises because the water will hold me up and my balance on dry land is so bad that I fall over regularly.

Something like this you may be able to do.

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I am currently on an exercise programme for a spinal/muscular problem at my local hospital. I am supposed to go today but have cancelled as I have recently been to Jersey and did a lot of walking and as a result I feel very low and have headaches so I am going to seek advice from my GP. I've literally rested for the last 2 days and feel better. As I am still waiting for recoiling I feel I should seek advice before continuing. My physio says it OK but I'd feel more reassured when I have discussed it with my GP.



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