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Post Coil/Stent Recovery

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Hi- I had an 8 mm cerebral aneurysm in my left ICA that had a small leak and then was repaired on Monday.


I had a stent and coiling performed. I had a vasospasm in my ICA during the procedure and had excellent packing (37%). I am incredibly grateful for how well it went but I don't feel like I was prepared for the recovery.


The headache behind my left eye has been awful.  The (mild) confusion and exhaustion was more than I bargained for and today I tried to sign my name and couldn't. I had a minor leak/bleed before the surgery so I don't know what's going on.


The emotions were overwhelming this morning. I focused so much on preparing for the surgery that I guess I didn't prepare enough for the recovery. 


I'd love to hear how other folks recovered from a basically unruptured aneurysm repair? Thanks.

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Hi Liz


Bit of a mixed one for me as I had a rupture repair and an unruptured packed.


Ask your specialist for information as you say you had a "small leak".  Even a small leak may leave lasting effects on the  brain - my blood was clotting almost immediately as it was leaving the aneurysm but it still managed to damage my brain, even if not severely. Ask them for more information as it was a small bleed to the ICA it could have had more of an effect than you would imagine as it flows behind the eyes.

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I agree with Skippy....a 'small leak' is still a bleed and any blood on the brain will cause damage, whether that's temporary or not will remain to be seen. I had a coil fitted after a small bleed. I didn't pass out at the time or have any other side effects during recovery but for me it took 3 months before I went back to work and then it was one month for 3 days, then another couple of months for 4 days.


Headache was there constantly for about 6 months but have improved greatly since. Tiredness is another side effect to be aware of. I went at least a year with a 30-60 mins nap every day - definitely good to reset.

I'm 4 1/2 years post op now and the only lingering change is my inability to cope with a lack of sleep...no more early morning travel with work for me. I'm also not great in long meetings or stressful situations but it's something that can be managed.


I wish you well in your recovery.

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