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Hello to you all


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Found your site a couple of months ago (via brain help.co.uk) and have dipped in and out and am finding it very helpful. I had a SAH 5 months ago which was coiled as was another unruptured aneurysm. Have had my check angiogram and the hospital are very pleased with the result.

Feel very lucky as I don't appear to have had any major ill effects but do agree with you all when you say that people think you are absolutely fine as you don't look like you have had brain surgery!

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Welcome to the site and glad that you've found it helpful. You sound as though you're doing pretty well with your recovery and it will be interesting to hear some more about your experience.

Just realised that you've been able to post on this forum without registering as a member....which is a blip with the admin but has now been rectified.....please could you register as a member, it only takes a couple of seconds, as it helps to keep the site clean of spammers and you will be able to use the other forums as well.

Good to hear from you

Take care,

Karen x

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Hi There

Your SAH sounds like mine - I also have an unruptured anuerysm which is also coiled alongside the ruptured one - nine coils in all. like you I have no physical affects but the emotional side has hit me pretty hard. My SAH was at the end of August and I have mad ea very good recovery.

Hope you register and become a member as we're all really friendly and totally bonkers!!!!

Sami xx

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