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Odd symptoms prior to NASAH?

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In 2012 I had an SAH with no known cause. For about 2 to 3 months before the hemorrhage I experienced symptoms such as headaches, aphasia, the sensation of cold water dripping on my leg and on my face, writing words backwards. I saw a neurologist and he couldn’t find anything through MRIs and then I had the bleed.


By the grace of God I’ve made almost a full recovery. I have not experienced those odd symptoms until about 4 To 8 weeks ago when they returned. I saw a neurologist and I am scheduled for an immediate CT angiogram of the brain.


Did anyone else experience these symptoms?

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Hi Shaw :) 


A very warm welcome to BTG


I did not have any warning signs before my bleed but others here may have experienced your symptoms.

Good to hear you have made an almost full recovery but sorry you are experiencing those odd symptoms again.


I hope you get some answers when you have your CT angiogram.

Let us know how you get on.


Take care 


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Hi Shaw,


Like Tina, I had no symptoms prior to my bleed either.

So sorry that after making a really good recovery you are now experiencing those odd symptoms again.

Hopefully your scan will get to the bottom of what is going on with you. It must be a very worrying time for you, if you need to off load those worries we are always here for you.


Wishing you well and good luck with your scan.


Michelle xx

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Hi Shaw


I had headaches for six months prior to my bleed and were especially bad the day of it - constant pressure pain in the front of my head and eyebrows.  Mine was caused by an aneurysm though, and I've been told that they're not related to the bleed.


Hope all goes well with your scan x

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Like the others, I had no symptoms prior to the thunderclap headache.  No similar symptoms after the surgery either.  My post surgery symptoms are sensitivity to noise, occassional dull headache and occassional mild fatigue.  The poor memory is not a new thing, but now I have an excuse and more coping mechanisms.

Hope the MRI sheds some light.  Good luck Shaw.

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