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Happy New Year

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Hi All

Happy New Year to you all and thanks for advice re angiogram, the after effects appear to be easing now.

Went out last night to attempt to enjoy New Year celebrations but had to go home at 11.15pm due to headache and exhaustion, my wife understood but the looks from others was a bit disconcerting as if they were saying "Surely you could stay until midnight, don't be so miserable."

Perhaps somebody should design a placard to put round our necks so that people could see what we go through!!! (Only kidding). Hopefully you all understand pity others don't.

Still thats the moaning over at least I woke up without a hangover I wish you all a good 2007 and continuing recovery. :):)

Bye for now


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Hi John

That's normal to get tired and headaches. Although my headaches have mostly stopped now, I've had one or two over Christmas (headaches as well as pints!) but I think they were due to me not giving in to tiredness rather than alcohol.

I didn't see in the new year either as I went to bed early.

I travelled through your county of Monmouthshire this morning on the M4 on the way back from Llanelli to Basingstoke.

Happy new year


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Hi Guy's,

A happy new year to you both as well!

I had a "tired" New Years eve, which lasted most of the day, so had to put my feet up for a bit in the afternoon, before doing some cooking.

Managed to get a second wind later in the evening and ended up watching a film until about 1.30am.......I seem to have a blip every few weeks with my body clock and my sleep pattern goes a bit haywire for a few days, not sure why this happens though.

I don't expect many of us SAH'ers ended up with a hangover this morning...looking at my kids today, after their partying antics last night, I felt quite grateful!

Anybody made any New Year's resolutions?? Must admit that I haven't, as I never stick to them.....will just be glad to eat the last of the chocolates though, as I've piled on the weight.

Take care all,

Love K xx

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Hi there

And a Happy New Year to you all.

John think we've all felt like that I used to feel like I was letting people down, I felt sorry for my husband who I felt was missing out, now its only every now & then that it happens if at all, try explaining to people why it is that you have to go home your not being a party pooper & think to yourself could they do it if rolls were reversed.

I was in bed by 10.30 Sunday night wasnt feeling to good. think it was that brick wall I hit you know the one you cant see it but its there its as though it rises from the ground just when you dont expect it.

The weather was horrible here they did have fireworks but couldnt hear them for the wind.

Well all for now speak later.


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