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Hello everyone

It has been quite a while since I posted and I reached my NASAH 1 year anniversary on January 3, 2021. Hard to believe.


The second half of my year was taken up with endless specialist appointments, scans and tests for a number of reasons I won't bore you with.  At this point everything has improved in varying degrees with the exception of one area. 


I experience loss of power or weakness in my arms and legs accompanied by breathlessness every day.  It is more pronounced when I try to do things like changing a fitted sheet, mopping the shower or any other thing that takes that little bit of extra exertion. 


Walking more than about 10 metres has the same affect.  Physios saying there is nothing metabolically wrong and it is not due to deconditioning. My Dr is arranging a CD scan looking at the possibilities of hydrocephalus or permanent damage as I had a large volume widespread bleed.


Wondering if anyone else with a NASAH has had similar experience.


With thanks and kind regards


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Hi Allejam 


Congratulations on your 1st year NASAH Anniversary. Good to hear that there has been improvements. Sorry to hear you are still having problems with weakness and breathlessness. I hope your scan gives you some answers.


I had an SAH and found things took at least 2 years and even longer to improve. 13 years down the line i still have to pace myself as still get the dreaded fatigue. One year is still very early in your recovery. You had a large volume widespread bleed.


Wishing you well with your ongoing recovery.


Please let us know how you get on.

Take care

Tina :)  

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21 hours ago, jess said:

See a ent as vertigo and ear problems can cause those symptoms xxx


Hope you feel better soon xxx 



Thank-you for your response Jess.  Interesting observation, as I have longstanding vestibular challenges pre-existing the bleed. 

Kind regards 


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Hi Allianz,


I had SAH nearly 3 yrs ago with left sided weakness. I was diagnosed with post heamorrhagic hydrocephalus a year ago and since then have had 2 different types of shunts fitted. I'm using a walking stick as it helps me to feel the floor when I walk.


I'm finding fatigue is still a big battle on a daily basis and was told it can take your brain a long time to recover. My Parietal lobe was damaged, I try to keep a positive outlook, taking it one day at a time.


1 year is still very early in your recovery, keep being kind to yourself and try not to overdo on your good days.


Kind regards


Bev x


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