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March 6 Third Year Anniversary


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Okay, this is a late post to my third year post SAH anniversary. Hurray. It was actually on March 6 and now it is (let me look at a calendar) March 17th (a pinch to all not wearing green).


Our youngest two adopted children (we also have four adult children) are on Spring Break from school ~ not so spring weather-wise. We had a BIG snow blizzard a couple days ago. Lots and lots of shoveling. My eleven year old was upset that we didn't get to travel again (usually we travel over school breaks) and so my husband took him to a nearby hotel with a heated pool to celebrate. That worked. We were all going to go but then our other special needs adult neice (18) wasn't feeling well. So, we two stayed home. 


On the exact day of my SAH anniversary, my husband, youngest daughter (a nurse) and I went to get our covid vaccination (Johnson&Johnson, one shot). It was held at a fairgrounds about a 30 minute drive. Not a long wait in line as some places. I had a sore arm for several days and was very tired, but no other side effects. We have a phase eligibility program in Colorado. I am glad we qualified and were able to find an appointment. 


I am pressing onward in my SAH recovery ~ and, still struggle. The posts I've read on BTG have been so helpful and encouraging. Thanks everyone and keep posting. We have a new grandbaby ~ a little boy named Lucas. He was born October 30, 2020. Our sixth grandchild! I celebrate my 64th birthday the last day of this month. Two of my husband's sisters are flying in this Friday to visit. So, some travel is returning.


My husband slipped on ice in early January and tore apart his shoulder rotator cuff tendon ~ OUCH. He had surgery on February 12. He has started physical therapy. We have been told that it is a long recovery (8-12 months to get full use of the arm). He is in a sling. He has been such a support to me and now we feel like we both have limitations! I've had to do more and do all of the driving (not easy post SAH). It has been an added challenge but also some lessons learned (maybe I was depending too much on my dear husband). 


I don't like that I forget not only moment by moment little things but have also forgotten chuncks of time and events. It makes me sad. However, I still find humor and joy admidst it all.


Thanks to BTG and best regards to each of you. Kathy (Colorado)

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Hi Kathy,


Congrats on your 3 year SAH anniversary.  I am coming up on four years in a couple of months.  We are doing it :)  Sounds like your life is full with loved ones.  4th grandchild, congrats, I have only 1 but have a 2nd on the way yea...


Sorry reading about your husbands fall, that is a long recovery, hope it all goes well for him

You say you find humor and joy admidst it all...well that is what life is all about...

I send you all the best wishes for many more years :)


xx Jean

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Congratulations Kathy on your 3rd year SAH Anniversary :) hope you got to celebrate in some way.

Wonderful happy news on your 6th Grandson Lucas being born :) more celebrations :) 

Sorry to hear about your husband, wishing him well with his recovery. Well done on all the driving, not easy. 


Great news you have had your vaccination. I have had my first one and second booked for April. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday for the 31st March, same day as my Father.  Its lovely to hear from you, thank you for sharing.


Take care and wishing you well

Love Tina xx




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