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The Vertigo / Menier’s / Labyrinthitis & Stroke connection


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Hi everyone 


My Background: I had an SAH 9.5 years ago with 2 sessions of hydrocephalus- it was minor and I’m 95% back to normal now.

My grandmother had multiple strokes. My uncle went blind in 1 eye following his stroke.

My mum had a stroke (minor) last week following vertigo 1 week before her stroke.

I read up on medical journals and vertigo appears to class as a warning sign for an impending stroke for a small percentage of the population.


So...2 days ago I had vertigo (possibly brought on by stress of my mum having a stroke?). I just want to describe my experience to see if anyone here has had anything similar and then later went on to have a stroke. The doctors however won’t treat this as a TIA and didn’t see me but just send me meds for vertigo.




I had a sudden attack of vertigo the day before yesterday which went on from 7am to 6pm (ish). At first everything swirled around like being on a Merry-Go-Round, making me feel very nauseous and taking me off-balance.  It gradually abated until I moved my head either up or down and then it started again. I was ok if I sat still and worked at my computer. After around 6pm I kind of went back to normal and the world just only seemed to move a little if I tested it by moving my head up or down or if I laid down - particularly if I laid on my back - but not full-on spinning. Today and yesterday I’ve had a few brief moments of the world spinning fast when I move my head up or down but mostly odd slow-moving  spinning at other times followed by intense tiredness, as well as periods of normality. Today I went to bed at 2pm-7pm after waking up at 9am as I feel that tired. I was given meds for vertigo sickness which can make you drowsy so that could be the reason, but it’s unusual for me to feel soooo tired.
My head feels only a little achey and dull pain across eyes and odd pain sensations in head. I’ve had high BP and blood sugars. Lately I keep having my arm, leg or stomach just spasm for no reason when in bed.
I had eye tests yesterday and no haemorrhages spotted. 
I know that sporadic vertigo can be a sign of a TIA indicating a warning of an impending stroke.


Has anyone here had a second stroke following an SAH (or a first stroke) where they had vertigo a week or so beforehand or can spot that they had a similar experience to me before a stroke?

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I suffered SAH in June 2014, spent 11 days in hospital.


Fast forward to December 2014, I got out of bed with an awful dull pain behind my eye, i was still suffering with a lot of dizziness, so i wouldn't really have known if it was Vertigo or not, i would imagine not as I wasn't suffering with any nausea.

I took pain killers for the pain behind my eye and thought that would cure it.


My partner and I went out and about looking for a new car and I was aware that this pain was not subsiding, if anything it seemed to be getting worse. We arrived home and shortly after i had this overwhelming feeling of nausea, probably about an hour later, i had numbness in the right side of my face, my right arm and leg.


I was taken by ambulance to hospital, i was diagnosed later that day with a TIA and released from hospital, just over 1 week later I finally got to see the stroke team, although my face, arm and leg had got the feeling back, i was left with numbness on the inside of my right foot, because of this, they told me that I had infact had a stroke, not a TIA as was originally diagnosed. 


I have to say there is no family history of strokes or vertigo.


If you are very worried about this, i would say, speak to your GP, i would imagine at of people suffer with Vertigo but don't necessarily go on to have a TIA or stroke.


When I had my SAH, I wanted to know everything about what had happened to me, i was using the Internet, i was given some very good advice from some wonderful members on this forum.

That advice was not to use Dr Google, although it can be informative, it can scare the life out of you, the information given on Google is always the worst case scenario, although you may have symptoms or be suffering with Vertigo, it doesn't necessarily mean that it will lead you to have a stroke.


We are not medically trained so we can not give medical advice, what i would say is please speak to your doctor, if you are worried about this, they will be able to give you the medical advice needed and probably put your mind at ease.


I'm not sure that this post will have been helpful to you, i hope it has helped a little.

Take care


Michelle xx



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Hi now I have had vertigo everyday since my sah so almost 19 years ago and it felt just like I did the day I collapsed with my bleed


Causes everything change of westher, not drank enough fluids, stress, anxiety, lack of sleep absolutely anything can cause it with me but 2002 was the only time it was stroke so try not to worry. Go to drs get another scan/appointment with neurologist but don't panic


Hope it passes soon xxx


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I have a general mistrust of doctors and had to fight to get my mother seen last week as they told her she had labyrinthitis not a stroke but it was clear to me she’d had a stroke - which was a week after she had vertigo. The GP surgery won’t consider that my vertigo could be a TIA so I’ll have to wait it out and see if it turns into anything. My face on the left hand side feels a little tingly but I sleep on my left so I’ll see if that sensation goes.

I’m concerned of course (as I should be) but Dr Google doesn’t worry me. It comforts me knowing about things so I’ve been more proactive by working less, eating better, sleeping more and taking my meds.


The real reason for the post is to see how many people had vertigo around 1 week before their stroke as there is a real correlation made in studies which say it’s very hard to diagnose when someone is about to have a stroke to be treated promptly because while they may have a TIA which can include vertigo, meniers, labyrinthitis since all cause dizziness the GP doesn’t immediately think it’s an impending stroke warning.  


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Hi again,

I forgot to mention that last year I had a severe bout of dizziness, a lot worse than my normal dizziness, so much so I had to go back to using my crutches because I was so afraid of falling over.

My GP ran blood tests and they came back with nothing, he did say it could be one of 3 things, Labrynthitis, Meniere's disease or Vertigo, but couldn't be certain, i didn't have the nausea feeling that you have had, but yes the dizziness was quite debilitating and quite scary, never during either of my consultations did he mention to me that these conditions could be linked to the onset of another stroke, mind you i am pleased that he didn't, i would have worried myself sick at the thought that maybe that was about to happen to me again.

My partner reminded me about this event last year, my memory was affected by my bleed, so please forgive me for that.


I really hope that your symptoms improve very soon and that you come through this without anything such as a TIA or Stroke occurring.

Keep in touch and let us know how you and your Mum are doing.


As Jess has said  an appointment for a scan & to see your Neurologist would probably be a good idea.

Take care & wishing you well 


Michelle xx 


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