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I don't know what is going on with my head!  It started after I fell forward and hit my head on the corner of a cabinet at work.  That is 8 years ago. 


My symptoms are: vice like grip. itchy scalp. outside of my ears will get shooting pains, I feel like I would like my scalp removed, very tight neck muscles. 


I have had Brain MRI, Cervical MRI, 60 physical therapy appointments, my neurologist went through the whole list of medications for nerve pain, etc ( it took 1 year) and none of them worked),  shots directly in my head, botox injections in my forehead, went to Headache Clinic in Chicago for a week-they drugged me so badly I slept day and night, 2 pain clinics that gave me a multitude of shots.


After all this they have termed it  headache, tension headache, occipital neuralgia.  Something is not right in this head 7 days a week - 24 hours a day.  The only thing that helps slightly is tramadol (that I have to beg for) and 2 Tylenol.  Also laying down on a pillow seems to take some pain away....like maybe my head is too heavy and something is sitting on a nerve??? 


I would love to go to a Veterans Hospital because they most likely have dealt with something like this with our soldiers.

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Hi Cindy,

Welcome to BTG as we call it, it sounds like you have been having an awful time over the last 8 years.


You have come to a great place for help, support and advice, we can't give medical advice as we are not medically trained, what we can do is tell you of our own experiences.


I'm sure you will find some very helpful advice by reading through some of the threads on here.

It must have been a very difficult time for you, but it sounds like on the medical side of things, they have been very thorough.


I'm sure lots of members will be along to welcome you to the site and maybe give some advice.

What I will say is, drinking lots of fluids can really help to relieve headaches, i think most of us here were given that advice after our bleed, plenty of rest also.


You can also join in the banter in the Green Room, if you want to of course.

Take care


Michelle xx

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Hello Cindy and also a very warm welcome to BTG. 


As Michelle mentioned, you will find much information from the personal accounts by our members which may help you in your quest for answers.  


Also you will find reassurance knowing you are among friends who also have sought explanations to the after effects of their brain trauma when they had nowhere else to turn to.


Can you provide a brief  summary of your time in hospital 8 years ago and what diagnosis and prognosis were arrived at by the neuro specialists who looked after you?


You certainly have received a wide range of medical help to try to find answers to the head pains you describe. I can't begin to imagine how upsetting it must be over such a long period  of time.


The following links will provide an insight into how many of our members felt and dealt with their pain,scalp issues. 


https://web.behindthegray.net/search/?&q=Headaches &search_and_or=or



https://web.behindthegray.net/search/?&q=Itchy scalp&search_and_or=or


https://web.behindthegray.net/search/?&q=Tight scalp&search_and_or=or




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Hi there

Warm welcom to the site, glad that you found us.


Keeping yourself well hydrated does help with headaches - cure No help Yes, although maybe not with you having to take tramadol.  I was on that after broke my elbow and 'its not for me' 


hope you find some help advice here...


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