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And I thought it was all over

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Hi All

My continuing saga just goes on. It is now 5 weeks since my MRI scan and we have been ringing to speak to the consultant who we were told would ring us back, he didn't. Eventually his secretary told us he was on leave!!! I managed to speak to a different consultant who told me there was little change from my last scan and they would call for me again next year. When I told him about the other consultant stating it was dangerous all he said was "If you asked 5 physicians each one would come up with a different opinion as brain aneurysms are not fully understood". So now its gone from dangerous and requiring embolization to leaving it alone for another year yet I was on a waiting list for recoiling!!!

I have put the complaints procedure into full swing and have the assistance of an advocate so all I can say is watch this space.



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Hi John

I don't know what are they messing about at, i can understand how frustrating and upsetting this is for you both..at least you should get some answers from the complaints procedure.

Consultants are a law into their own hands mine has never replied to an email sent by neil just over 3three months ago....he had told my gp that i could go on phase return to school.....the thing is i have had to leave my job through my health and was seen by my occuptional therapist who agreed i was unfit for work owing to my disabilities.:crazy:

Hoping that you get something sorted soon, take care.

Love luck and laughter

Michelle cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ps its nearly a year since my recoiling.

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hi john

what a muck up to be polite i hope you get an answer soon and if you sent them a warning letter saying that should anything go wrong which can be related to the sah they will be held responsible legally john im so sorry you are being mucked around hopefully the complaint will be dealt with soon chin up thinking of you

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