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  1. Hi Macca nice to hear from you, I'm getting there. Just seems sometimes to be one step forward and two back but I try not to let it stop me doing things and rest when I need to. Just still surprised sometimes how things make me so tired almost four years in. I am improving though and like you say just so grateful to be here. Keep in touch and if ever you need to chat you know where I am X pat
  2. Thanks Win I'll certainly keep my chin up and well done to you for dropping a chin size ? This is a brilliant site I'm so glad I found it., it's helped me a lot. I'm getting there and it's brilliant to have others to chat to having been through the same thing. I mentioned the singing to my husband and he said to tell you that it won't help me because I never knew the words before my heamorage so I won't know them now. Cheeky thing ? Ha ha. Take good care. Keep in touch X
  3. Thanks Daffodil everything you have said is exactly how I feel. I try not to let all this get me down so as not to let it get the better of me and don't miss out on family and friends gatherings and try and rest before I do fun things and certainly have to rest afterwards. It is getting easier but like you said it's surprising as to how much it takes out of you the things we did before without a thought. I don't think I'll ever feel like the before me again but I try not to let it stop me or beat me. Sounds like you are the same as me and battle through it. Thanks for messaging me. Keep in touch and if ever you want to chat I'm here X pat
  4. Aw thanks that helps. I'm not so much frustrated and tense in an axious way but more expect to be feeling better if you know what I mean, hard to explain. Just when I feel I've turned a corner I have a bad few days again. When we go out with friends and do things it really tires me out the next day. I've come on so far though compared to when it first happened and I do push myself to do things otherwise I don't think I'd do anything and am getting stronger, like you said it will take time. Sounds like you're doing well, well done and thanks for replying to me it helps knowing there's someone to chat to on here as I couldn't find any help from anywhere else. It's a brilliant site. I'll try the singing and let you know. Keep in touch and if ever you need to chat you know where I am. Thanks X Thanks Win
  5. Hi thanks for replying. I haven't gone back to work. I spoke to the neurologist and she said the strange pains I get is my brain recovering she said the brain sends out electric shocks to the body which is all part of the recovery and not to worry. I do rest when I can. I find it all very frustrating as I don't do poorly but thankful to be here. Hope you are well.
  6. In November it will be four years after my suberachnoid brain heamorage. I still get quite tired and really surprised and shocked at how much stuff from my past I've actually forgotten. I still get headaches quite a lot and feel like sometimes it's like taking one step forward and two steps back. Just as I feel I've had a good few days I have a few days when I really feel out of it and still get pains in my head and other parts of my body. Is this all normal I thought I'd be feeling lots better by now almost four years in ? Any help/advice would be appreciated
  7. Hi I will be three years in after my subarachnoid brain haemorrhage in November. I have a few weeks where I think I've turned a corner and think woo I'm on the mend then I have a couple of weeks when I'm really tired, headaches and feeling a bit wuzzy and generally feeling unwell, I thought I'd be feeling much better now and feel it all very frustrating. Everyone says how well I look but just wish I felt it. Pat
  8. Pat

    Pat's Story

    Hi I feel a bit better but still got headache but not as bad thanks Pat x
  9. Pat

    Pat's Story

    Hi I'm struggling at the moment my head seems to have got worse instead of getting better. These last few days I've had a strange pain in the back of my head and felt a bit wobbly and sick is this part of the process of recovery or do I need to ring the hospital. I do feel a little better today and am just resting? Pat
  10. Pat

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    I've resigned to take the pressure off worrying about work but my job will be there whenever I'm ready to go back. Would I still be eligible? X
  11. Pat

    Pat's Story

    Hi don't know if anyone can assist I've given up work for the moment as it was all getting on top of me getting sick notes and constantly thinking that I have to be better for when the sick note ran out. Does anyone know if I'm entitled to any kind of benefit until I'm ready to go back to work? Pat
  12. Pat

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    All done, check me out
  13. Pat

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    How do I change my profile age etc.?
  14. Pat

    Pat's Story

    Thanks Macca and Daffodil for your kind words and hope you are on the road to recovery too. I'm grateful for every day I wake and you're right I've been soooo lucky. It's nice to have found people I can chat to and get some feed back on their experiences too and hear that Im not on my own with these strange experiences as I was finding it all very frustrating not being right as I dont do poorly and always been fit and well. It just shows that you never know what's round the corner and have to make the most of life which I intend to do as best I can. Keep in touch Pat x
  15. Pat

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    Pat I suffered a subarachnoid brain haemorrhage at the end of November last year, driving home from work on the M4, I blacked out without any warning whatsoever, no headache or feeling unwell or anything. All I remember is getting in the car at 4pm and nothing else until a week and a half later. I lost a whole week and a half. Thankfully my car rolled over to the left a few times and down the embankment only being stopped eventually by a tree having knocked down six fence panels. If I'd have gone to the right I'd have been killed and wiped the motorway out at tea time on a Friday evening. Someone kindly reported it and I was airlifted to frenchay hospital and kept in for three weeks. On arrival it was touch and go for three days as to whether I would survive of not, so I've been lucky on both counts as I've been told one in three that have this don't even make it to hospital let alone whilst driving. I had a coil fitted in my head and also suffered a fractured skull which thankfully has now healed. I wanted to come on this site just to see what other peoples recovery is like. I'm still really tired and get strange pains in my head and most mornings wake up with a headache which sometimes lasts all day. I'm still taking aspirin each morning and paracetamol when needed. I've had a follow up scan and everything seems in order and have been told that my symptoms are normal and I am doing well in my recovery for what I've been through. I thought I would be feeling lots better by now as I'm experiencing the above and I'm still quite forgetful and muddled at times. Does anyone else out there feel this way? Would be nice to get feedback from fellow sufferers. Pat
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