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  1. I think sleep is a fantastic thing! Healing and recharging is a plus for me any day of the week! If I need a nap I take it; most times I have trouble falling asleep, (I'm not sure what that's about) however, even just a rest where I close my eyes for a while is helpful. I've had tinnitus in my right ear since my SAH, and it gets louder as I get tired, so I have another way to gauge my sleep needs; the louder it is - the more I need.
  2. Sleep is so very important. I have been doing the same things before bed for so long it's now habit. I still have days when I think I'm doing well if I make it to the sofa, and that's usually the day after an outing of some sort. I've mentioned to my husband that I am busier in the morning when I feel better, but that I have a finite amount of energy, when it's gone - it's gone.
  3. It's been 19+ years of no driving for me. One of my visual deficits is eye ataxia; add that to constant motion nausea and there's just no way. Fortunately for me there's a state program which has me being picked up and then taken home whenever I have a medical or dental appointment. It's been rather difficult losing the independence; it is what it is though, and I think I'm fortunate having learned patience. Susan
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