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  1. Hi I met someone at work today whose husband had a SAH in December. I had a SAH over 7 years ago and the support I've had from you all has been invaluable, but I felt that I couldn't really help her as our roles weren't the same. I suggested she contact this site to meet other carers for their advice. I hope she does and I hope you can help her where I felt inadequate. Kim.
  2. Hi Karen I had my SAH on 1 October 2004 and I used to be so worried about a re-bleed or my second annie rupturing. Now I don't think about it as much especially as I'm still having regular checks at the hospital and my blood pressure is under control. Time is a great healer. It's normal for you to have worries but give yourself time and your confidence will come back. Kim XX
  3. Hi there I've had about 6 angiograms and the worst part for me is laying flat for 6 hours afterwards. I don't do keeping still Hope it all goes well for you. Kim XX
  4. Hi I had my SAH in Oct 2004. I had an angio in May 2005 and again in Oct 2005. I then had yearly angios up to and including 2008. I had MRI in 2009 & 2010 and have now been told I don't need a further MRI for three years. With regards to appointments, I saw my consultant in April 2005 then June 2005 when he agreed I could return to work. Since then I think I've only had two appointments to see him. One of those was at my request when I started getting an electric shock type feeling across my head and I wanted it checking out. Kim X
  5. Hi My Dad died in March 1998 after having a SAH from an aneurysm. At the time my Mum did mention that she thought an uncle of my Dad's had died of a brain haemorrhage but didn't know if it was due to an aneurysm. I had my SAH in Oct 2004 and had the aneurysom coiled. I now have a second annie that is being monitored. Both my Dad and I used to suffer with migraines and I've not had one since my SAH (touchwood). My children haven't been checked for aneurysms, they haven't asked and I haven't raised it with them. Kim
  6. Hi I'm now 6 years post SAH. My SAH happened on my 21st wedding anniversary so we have a double celebration but the day is tinged with a bit of sadness and concern. Mine occurred in the bathroom at home when I was either about to get in the bath, was in the bath or had just got out of the bath (who knows). Although I have no memory whatsoever of the day or the following 10 days, I did have my bathroom redecorated shortly afterwards ripping out the old suite and off with the old tiles. I have a large burn scar on my left arm where I lay unconscious against the radiator for a long time so the radiator went in the bin too replaced with a towel rail. Kim XX
  7. Hi I had my SAH in 2004 and I'm still being monitored regularly due to changes in the aneurysm. I also have a second smaller aneurysm appear. My next appointment is on 13 September. I would take comfort in the fact that your partner doesn't need to be seen again, it's a really good sign although I can understand it's also worry at the same time. Take care Kim X
  8. Hi Angela Best wishes for tomorrow. Kim X
  9. Hi Kasim I'm so sorry to hear of the complications your Mum has had since her coiling. I hope she makes a speedy recovery and is able to come back here soon. I echo all the other comments here that your Mum is a special person and we're all thinking about her. Send your Mum my love and best wishes. Look after yourself too, Kasim, as you need to keep your strength up to look after your Mum. Kim X
  10. Hi My son was 15 and my twin girls were 11 when I had my SAH. It happened on 1 Oct and the girls had only been at their new school for a couple of weeks and were still settling in anf finding new friends. My son was very quiet about it, he only visited me once while I was in hospital and it upset him to see me so unwell. I can recall him holding my hand really tightly, not wanting to let go. The girls visited more regularly and were keen to talk about what they'd done at their new school. They've talked about it a lot since, whereas my son shuts off from it. They are both doing biology A level and covered aneurysms as part of their studies. That helped them understand more about what happened but also showed them just how ill I had been. On the day of my SAH, my Mum fetched them out of school early and Hazel & Amanda still tremble when they see the teacher who came for them. The school were so supportive, one teacher in particular really helped Hazel & Amanda and has stayed close to them since. I think the hardest part for Hazel & Amanda was that in 1998, when they were 4, they saw my Dad collapse and die from an SAH. So when I had my SAH in 2004 all they knew was that Grandad died from the same thing. As a family we came through it. Kim X
  11. Hi Nita Congratulations on the 4th anniversary. Hope you here from you again soon. Kim X
  12. Hi Lynz You're not being silly. I have no recollection of my SAH either so if I get a headache I worry too. I don't know how bad the pain was when I had my SAH as I have no memory of about 10 days. We all need a bit of reassurance now and again and there's nothing wrong in that. If you are worried then do go and see your GP to put your mind at rest. Kim X
  13. Hi I'm really pleased I saw this thread as I'm just getting over tracheitis and I've been coughing really bad. It has been on my mind whether or not I could move the coils by coughing especially as I too get funny head pains when I do cough. It's reassuring to know that I'm not the only one who worries and it seems I am unlikely to dislodge anything. What a wonderful site this is. Kim X
  14. Hi Saffy I've just been reading through your posts and I really hope you get your coiling as planned this time. I had my SAH in Oct 2004 and had the aneurysm coiled. I have a second aneurysm that is being monitored annually and if they ever suggest coiling this one too, I won't hesitate to have it done. On your first post you mentioned trigeminal neuralgia. I have suffered with trigeminal neuralgia since my SAH so I can sympathise with you on how painful it can be. I'm sending you a big hug. Take care. Kim X
  15. Hi Anne Thanks for sharing your story and welcome to this site. I had my SAH on 1 October 2004 and returned to work part-time in the April of 2005. It took me a total of 15 months to get back to full time and doing my old job. I'd advise you not to rush things, listen to your body and take each day as it comes. You are still very early in your recovery. I too have an untreated second anni, which is too small to do anything with but it is being monitored still by a yearly angiogram. Good luck with your appointment on the 4th. Kim X
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