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Update on my undiagnosed SAH post

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A quick update on my post about undiagnosed SAH. Finally, I found a doctor who explained what happened to me. It turned out that my MRI examinations were poorly described and the radiologist did not find any damage to the brain tissue caused by the blood pressure surge.


After looking at the test, you could tell I had something called pres syndrome. He also referred me to an MRI scan with a higher magnetic field to exclude bleeding. I am much calmer that I finally found something and that God listened to my prayers. I would like to thank you again for all the kind words and advice. I will let you know after the tests if I have not had bleeding.

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Oh, thank you for sharing this update. So thankful you have found a doctor who listens and is willing to provide answers for you. Yes, prayers answered. I do hope this gives you the courage to press on when you face doubts and trials.


And, like so many of us had to learn don’t be afraid to reach out for support. The BTG has been my lifeboat during seasons of unanswered questions and times of discouragement. Now, that you have received comfort and calm in your affliction, you will be able to offer compassion and calmness to others who are in any affliction with that same grace and understanding.


I have learned that when someone has had a brain injury there will be effects of increased irritability and depression at times. There is much wisdom in calling hotlines or support persons at such times. I definitely had increased anxiety in general after my SAH and did need a prescription through the worst of it. Now, I am doing much better. 
Take care of yourself. 
Kathy (Colorado)

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