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Ninth anniversary

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Since my SAH l thought that pushing to the limit was the way to get better.

Then I watched the video flooding sensory overload and read a few other things and realised I was completely wrong. That was in November, my life is totally different now.


A lot of the time the front of my brain would feel numb and I couldn’t think straight which led to numerous other problems. I realise now that I was creating problems that didn’t exist which would cause stress for weeks even months.


Lockdown has helped by eliminating a lot of my triggers and I don’t push myself anymore, I’ve found I can actually do more work now. Mindfulness has also helped.


lt annoys me that in all these years I couldn’t work it out myself but I suppose that’s what brain injuries do. So I’m looking forward to a much happier stress free life.

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Compostc congratulations on your Ninth SAH  Anniversary. 


Good to hear lockdown has helped eliminate a lot of your triggers and that a video about sensory overload helped you to work out making life easier. I did as you did, pushed to the limits, but soon realised when i did push to hard too fast i would go one step forwards, two steps backwards!


Here is to your much happier stress free life :) 


Thanks for sharing.


Take care

Tina xx

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Congratulations on your 9th Anniversary.  I am happy you have found ways leading you to a happier stress free life.  I have found mindfulness to be helpful also.  All my best as you continue your journey.

Be well,


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