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NASAH Recovery Info / Help

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Hello. I wonder if any of you have any advice please. My father had a NASAH. He was admitted to a hospital in Sheffield then discharged after 8 days to go home. The next day he was in excruciating pain in his back and head and has had to go into his local hospital. They are struggling to get his back pain under control.  Does anyone else have experience of this? Sorry you’ve all been through this, and thanks in advance 

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Hi Vicky a very warm welcome to BTG :)


So sorry to hear your poor Father is in so much pain, but glad he is now back in hospital where they can hopefully get his pain under control. Such a worrying time for you. It could be blood dissipating down his spinal cord. I had bad pain from this for a few months after my bleed. Back of my head, neck and back. I did eventually improve but took some time.


I hope things improve very soon for your Father and he can get back home. 

Wishing him well with his recovery. Resting up as much as possible and drinking plenty of water helps a lot.

Please keep us updated when you can.


Take care

Tina xx


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  • Tina changed the title to NASAH Recovery Info / Help

Hello Vicky and also a warm welcome to BTG.

You will get much help and support as you read the various post NASAH recovery journeys on the forum, and support for yourself from the Carers forum.


When you feel ready please tell us a little more detail about events prior and flowing your father's NASAH.


As Tina says, hopefully the medics will get his pain under control soon and he will be able to return home.


These early days and weeks following his bleed are full of uncertainties as the effects from his brain trauma become apparent. Prepare yourself and father for a lengthy recuperation and to accept that his brain recovery  requires much rest, patience and absence of stress.... and plenty hydration. 


I wish you both well as you tackle this unforeseen intrusion to your lives. 

Keep strong.... father has survived against the odds.







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My experience is that my back pain went away after about 2 - 3 weeks, but the headaches stuck around for longer. They, too, have gotten gradually better, but almost a year later I still feel them every now and then. Patience is the key word!

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