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Thanks for the links Janet. They make interesting reading.

I had loads of the tests listed, to no avail, and was eventually referred to physio who other than giving me a walking frame did not really help.

My neurosurgeon, in the end, blamed my problems on my heart meds, but I know that is not right because I had been taking them for a few years prior to my SAH and never had any problems at all.

I think that was just a "get out".

I also felt that the powers that be thought I was making my problems with balance and dizziness up. I wish. :frown:

I would really like to be "normal" and be able to do all the things I used to before the SAH.

The brain is so complex that no one knows it all, even the experts, and as research continues even more will be learnt.

There is hope yet. :wink:

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Totally agree with this.

My OH never suffered from dizziness before his SAH, but now nearly four months on he is still very dizzy. As mentioned in my earlier post, the neurologist just brushed it aside and said it had nothing to do with the SAH:confused:

These experts just don't have to live with these things themselves.

I think it is totally wrong that people are made to feel like shirkers.

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Thanks for the links Jant,

I was never like this before my SAH/stroke i know where i want to walk and as neil says i alway take a slight detour!!.

I always feel like my consultant thinks that they have "sorted" their bit of us and they are not so interested with anything else. He even said yesterday that he thought i had an illness that causes deafness and it isnt that....what....i have deafness due to the sah...gggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

as was confirmed by hearing services....

Michelle c

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