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Post Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Symptoms - Looking for support

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Hi, I have a question. I had a non aneurysmal SAH about 1.5 years ago. It took me a year to feel better from the burning headaches, and other odd symptoms like trouble walking straight at times but I am really doing very well thank God.


I am having a situation where when I get upset, or even in conversation with someone for more than a few minutes, I get red in the face, and feel very flushed and my blood pressure goes up. I started a new job and it happened there, and also happens in normal conversations. I feel much more overwhelmed than I used to with general social conversations and being in groups.


Have others experienced (1) more overwhelm in general than before? trouble being around a lot of people or overstimulation and (2) redness and blood pressure rising more easily than before? Thanks very much - sending everyone positive, warm thoughts. - Debbie

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Hi Debbie :) 


Great to hear you are doing really well :thumbsup: 


I can certainly relate to feeling more overwhelmed than before being around alot of people and over stimulation.

With regards to your blood pressure going up, it could be due to you feeling anxious. If you haven't already, i would mention this to your GP. They may be able to help you.


1.5 years is still early in your recovery, be proud of how well you are doing xx


Take care 

Keep in touch

Love Tina xx

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I agree it could be anxiety.
I have been in the same job for  over 15 years but I still get tongue-tied and anxious if I have to meet someone new.


I have a team that understand my background, but a new person won't understand if I take I few extra seconds to think of a word or answer a question. It gets difficult to stop the anxiety that people are missing you in that moment.


I'm not sure what the answer is but all I can suggest is to be kind to yourself. It's part of the learning curve for dealing with what we've been through.


My way of dealing with it is lots of breaks, even snoozing for 30mins. Anything to get out of the stressful situation and try to reset. For me it's got a bit better with time (I can't believe I'm a few months away from 7 years since my bleed!) but it definitely kicks in any time I'm stressed or underslept.


Andrea X 

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Hi Debbie,


Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear your recovery is stabilizing in some areas and that you are navigating a “new normal” going forward. Yes, at four years post SAH I still identify with feeling overwhelmed at times especially in close quarters group events with lots of stimulation (grandkids birthday parties) and holiday gatherings (at times I feel like crying). In general my anxiety has increased.


If you can keep a log of your blood pressure throughout your day (may be hard to do during conversations ~ “excuse me, I feel my blood boiling and need to check my blood pressure” )~ but, it would be good to have a record of the time of day and situation with BP reading to share with your primary care physician.  


I did not have high BP before my SAH (in fact it was always low). However, I started to have symptoms like you mention and kept a diary that indicated my blood pressure was consistently high and spiking and consequently I was prescribed BP medication. It has been very stable now.


I agree that stress and lack of sleep contributes to more anxiousness on my part. I also like the word “reset” and have learned to take better care of myself by stepping aside or excusing myself if I feel that blushing, or icky feeling or irritability coming on. Sometimes just practicing calming coping skills is enough.


Other times a quiet retreat to be alone is needed (I know, not always possible on the job). It is a huge adjustment ~ nothing is really quite like it once was ~ but, we are all miracles in having survived and have to learn to press onward. You are not alone in what you are experiencing and it takes time to find a good routine and self care. 

Big hugs, Kathleen (Colorado) 

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