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pain from angiogram

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Can anyone who has had an angiogram through the main artery in groin, how long did their discomfort last?

My hubby mark had his first angio 6/11/09 did not feel a thing as he was high on morphine and then he had another done on the 18/11/09 and felt everything. H e still gets an ache there now.

Thank you


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hi Diane,

I had my aneurysm coiling op/angiogram on friday 18th dec 09 and they went in at the top of my right leg, yet I have not as yet felt a thing there. There was no bruising and I have no scar. I had the slightest blemish there and on 23rd Dec when I had my first shower after the op and got the 'plaster' wet, it came away and I was completely healed up! The nurse couldn't believe it...

Perhaps I am just lucky or a bit odd maybe?...

Hope it heals up soon

Kelley x

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