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Kelley - KelBel


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Hi Debbie, what a story!

I am new to this site and this is my first message posted.

I have not as yet posted my story. I am still in the process of writing it up...and its getting longer and longer as I recall things...and I do recall an awful lot for which I am glad.

My SAH was on 11th Dec 2009 and I had an aneurysm coiled 18th Dec, so its all very recent and happened very quickly, although it didn't seem like it at the time!...

My initial diagnosis by 2 separate doctors on 13th Dec was a virus and I was told to go home, rest and take paracetamol. I didn't believe I had a virus so took myself to another doctor on 15th Dec who agreed with me and sent me for a scan at the local hospital. Lucky she did!

I have been very emotional over the past 2 days as I think things are catching up with me now as I realise quite how lucky I have been. I think I was in shock for the past few weeks.

I hope to hear from you again soon,

Take care


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Hi, i never had an sah my self but my wife did in march 2009, and she had 1 coiled and 1 clipped, and she 's been through a whole range of emotions, now she's at the giggling stage but depression, anxiety, even bewilderment about the whole thing. what happened to you is a massive thing in your life,and it's only just happened, so i'm sure you too will probabley experience a whole range of feelings,and how you are feeling now is just one of them they are all normal feeling and it's not just you that had them,so although they are not pleasant feelings they don't last forever, you are doing very well to be posting this soon, Welcome to the site keep posting and if you worried about anything post your concerns and i'm sure there will be many people who can reassure you Best wishes Rod

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Hi Kellie

Welcome to the site I'm sure you'll find all the help and support you need here. It is quite natural to be feeling the way you do at the moment, the first few weeks the enormity of whats happened doesn't really sink and when it does as you are experiencing the emotions go into overdrive.

You are very early into your recovery so try to remember to listen to your body and get plenty of rest and fluids. Things do get better unfortunately never quite as quickly as we'd like. Look forward to hearing more from you.

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Hey KelBel and Rod

Have copied these messages into your own Thread Kelley - still in the introduce yourself forum.

So, welcome to the site and to the family.

I went through post traumatic stress disorder about 3 weeks or so after may SAH and was an emotional wreck. Seeing a counsellor helped me a great deal, as did this site. Please feel free to share your fears, anxieties and emotions here - there will always be some one to help you through it and/or offer support and advice.

Looking forward to getting to know you.

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Hi Kelley, and welcome.

Well done for finding your way here - you're in the right place! You're in the very early stages of recovery so please remember to get plenty of rest, drink copious amounts of fluids, and above all, listen to your body and rest, rest, rest!

This is the best place to get info and advice, so ask away. There's always someone here who's "been there and done that", or witnessed it at close hand. You're not alone. :wink1:

All the best,


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Ah thank you all for your lovely messages!

I have been a lot better today, however I am struggling with the fact that whilst in hopsital I was been cared for and well looked after and Obs checked every 4hrs; BP, pulse, temp, etc - and after being discharged I have no care or post op advice!?

There was literally no information provided re.recovery, residual symptoms, etc.

I had to ask if there is anything I should or should not do. I asked about driving, and about when i should return to work. They then gave me a months sickness certificate, told me I should not drive for at least a month but to call DVLA, which I have tried to do without success so far as all the lines are busy...

Having read some stories on here that seems to be the 'norm' though, which is crazy. The hospital could at least provide some website information or info leaflets upon discharge.

I did have an appointment with a Dr for tomorrow morning but it has been cancelled due to the weather!... they are going to get another Dr to call me as my Nimodipine tablets will finish this friday or saturday and I am then unsure if i should re-start my previous BP tablets again...I assume I should do but would like to have it confirmed.

Hopefully I will get some answers...

I have also made a new appointment for next tues with the Dr I want to see, and am going to ask about getting some counselling. I may be able to get referred for counselling which could be covered by my company's medical insurance. That would be a bonus.

Thanks again guys & gals

Kelley x x x

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Hi Kelley

Another warm welcome, I look forward to hearing your story, I found it very cathartic writing mine.

I can't recommend counselling enough, I was finally referrred by my GP after 9 months only to be told there was at least a 6 month waiting list, I ended up paying myself as the company medical insurance wouldn't "cough up" apparently I had to be referred by a consultant pyschiatrist and even then it would probably be excluded. Skinflints, it's not as though they had to pay for the initial treatment, you'd think they would give us a break for saving them a fortune :wink:

Seriously though try and get some counselling, before this I always thought I was indestructible and that counselling was for "wimps"...how wrong ius it possible for someone to be???

Good luck and welcome to the family


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