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Physical Therapy for Neck

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I haven't but the reason for the stiff neck could be completely unrelated to your SAH. Continue with the physio and it should help. Note I only said "could" What does your physio think the reason for the stiff neck is? If you haven't asked then please do so.

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Hi Gary,

I had similar issues with stiffness around the neck and shoulders and have tried exercises with little success.

I've found a corrective chiropractor who makes small adjustments to my neck, not the usual twist and click method, and have found this eases the problem rather than solves it.


Not a lot of use to you with my guy as we're several thousand miles away, but there are a few corrective chiropractors in the States, so it might worth a quick google to take a look.


Please don't interpret this as medical advice as I'm not in any way qualified but it maybe opens up another avenue for you to look at to resolve your problem.

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Yes stiffness might not be related to sah. You can turn your head very slowly to almost touch the shoulders on each side. You can look up and look down slowly. That is the physical therapy easiest way for neck. You can also use an ice pack but do not touch bare skin with the ice pack.


See doctor if neck/ c spine x ray was not done to see if there is arthritis. I cannot give medical advice on what to take since I don’t know allergies and interactions. Hope you are better.

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Hi Gary,

I had my SAH in September of 2015.  It is a long time now but I had headaches for nearly 3 years, strangely enough they seemed to be behind my ear and into my neck. 


I was at the physio with my mother who was having physio on her hip, as we were leaving the physio turned to me and said, "I can get rid of your headaches".  I couldn't believe it. I asked how do you know I am having headaches and she told, "By the way you are sitting and the position of your head".  I thought I am getting a full check over.  


She gave me  exercises for my neck, after her assessing me and I saw her regularly.  My exercises would be increased and more added.  


Some lying with a towel under my neck, shoulders flat against the floor or bed, and chin to chest.  Others sat up and movement left and right and also keeping chin in.  The exercises where built up and I would do them 3 times a day.  


There were a number of them, not just those above.  She also told me to drive with my hands at 20 to 4, rather than 10 to 2, thereby lowering shoulders and tension in the neck.  I go back to see her whenever I feel my head, neck or back need her and she takes a Pilates class which I have been attending ever since.  


I certainly am thankful for her noticing.


I had other issues with being tired, loss of words, I found making choices hard and concentrating and retaining information still hard for some reason. I have only in the past two years been able to read books again as I was finding reading a few pages was all I could manage. I find I fall asleep at the computer if I am on too long.  


Do take your time and don't try to rush things.  Frustration makes you feel even worse as you feel low.  

I found coming to this website so helpful and I hope you find that too.  

All the best for you and have a good recovery.


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To update my earlier post on physical therapy, I went twice a week for a month and it has helped my stiff neck and balance.  I would certainly recommend it for anyone suffering from the same issues.  Coming up on my one year anniversary so looking forward to passing that milestone.


Take care



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