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Has anyone ever been tested for adhd as an adult after their SAH. I am currently having some testing done following some testing my occupational health department arranged for me which flagged up potential ADHD. It just seems to be one more thing that the ****** gift of a SAH gives. I'm now 13 years post SAH and this has hit me really hard.


I think it's seeing all in black and white how my brain is failing me. I'm usually really upbeat and positive but not right now. I can't stop crying and doing the 'why me" which I know is useless. Any treatment advice would be gratefully received. Seeing my GP next week to discuss.

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Janey, so sorry to hear about your ensuing problem of possible ADHD.

As you may realise, we cannot give medical advice. You are taking the correct route by seeing your GP. Before you go make a list of questions that you want to ask and take it with you.

I wish you well and please come back and tell us the outcome of your GP's visit as it may well help someone in the future.

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Dear Janey,


i know you posted months ago and I hope you’ve gotten help. My SAH was 15 years ago and I was working as a coastal biologist at the time, with some time spent in the field and some in the office. After the SAH I found myself easily distracted by the smallest things.


After struggling for five years, I saw a neurologist. I was not tested for ADD, but pretty sure that’s what I experienced. The neurologist prescribed a medication that did help. Just being aware can help too, as you can develop some coping mechanisms.


Mainly know it is real, it’s not a failing on your part, and there are ways to lessen the impact. If your GP hasn’t helped you, try to see a neurologist or a dr specialized in that field. Best wishes. 


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Hi @Janey c


I went to see a therapist post-SAH and, although this was by no means a diagnosis, they told me I was 'screaming ADHD' and insisted I be referred to a psychiatrist for a diagnosis.

I have not yet pursued this and a first felt very much downhearted... I also think I probably had ADHD pre-SAH, which may be different to your case.


However, I have since had therapy (with a different therapist!) and although I probably have ADHD tendencies, I am learning to understand and manage my thoughts. 

ADHD is by no means a sign of weakness and no longer has the same stigma associated with it - for some, it's a super power 🙂


I'm not sure if this is of any help... but good luck with your GP and I hope you get what you need from them. It sounds like it is the best first step!


Jo x


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