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hi everyone i am jess i had my sah in sept 02 i had a baby in oct 03 and i am now pregnant with my second and final baby. i am still a very panicky person thinking i ain't gonna be here when my kids are 21 any dizzy spell or headache and i am stressed. anyway hi all.

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Welcome Jess,

I'm also quite panicky, if I'm honest, especially if the head kicks off.......not so bad now though.....but know what you mean about seeing the kids grow up and it's understandable.....at least mine have now reached the ages of 20 and 16, so I know that I've seen them through their early years and it makes life easier.

Love K x

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Hi there

Have you posted your full story? Would be good to know some background - its just that I'm nosey really :wink:

Seriously though, welcome to the site and the family. We're all raving loonies but very warm and friendly :lol:


Sami xxx

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Hi Jess

Welcome - Sami's right, we're all raving mad. Don't think it's anything to do with our SAHs, I'm willing to bet we were all bonkers beforehand. I know I was!

If you feel stressed and panicky just post on here, it really helps to know that there's always someone around who understands.

Sarah x :)

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