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Hi All,

Thank you for having me as a member on this site. I obtained a SAH and an intracebrebral hemmorage on 17th June, due to an incident, I was cycling in the Scottish countryside with a group of cyclists when an irresponsible driver came out of nowhere, who I swerved to avoid. Unfortunately this meant I flew off my bike and must have landed on my head (I was wearing a helmet and cycling glasses thankfully).


I don't remember this but after that I was airlifted to hospital in my city, Glasgow. I spent 5 weeks in hospital and I am now back at home. As well as the other injuries mentioned, pressure also built up on the right side of my brain, I had many broken bones on my body and a skull fracture (basically I shouldn't be alive).


I'm 37, and previously I was a proud, active and sociable single woman. My parents and friends are so very happy that I survived, I wish I could share their feelings, currently I have lost 30% of my hearing, I had double vision in hospital (which I no longer have), I have tinnitus (which is dying down) but the worst and most persistent symptoms that I have are dizziness, imbalance and blurred vision when moving my head from one side to the other.


The symptoms that I seem to have overcome are noise sensitivity, feeling nauseous when waking up, and I had severe cognitive issues directly after the brain bleeds and also had a seizure closely after the brain bleeds.


I don't seem to have any cognitive issues presently, although I do get overwhelmed easily in crowds but I think that could be because of the dizziness and imbalance. Even when I'm sitting on a chair where my neck and shoulders are not supported I feel dizzy. These symptoms are really getting me down as it's been three months since the incident but my parents keep telling me to give it time.


I feel I'm still young, so not being able to do what I used to do is so frustrating. I also don't live with family or a partner, which I find lonely. I also have a lot of fatigue but then I hate getting up as the room usually spins when I get up in the morning. Sorry i just feel like this has just been one big moan, but it's where I'm at at the moment.


I tried to join a charity which provides activities for people who have gone through something similar, but they told me I can't join as they are full up. I'm not working at the moment and have no desire to go back to work. That's me!

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Hi Holly sounds like you have had a really rough time. But how amazing that you have come through it all! You must be really strong. 

You are still early days in your recovery and to be honest it’s probably fortunate that you don’t have a job to think about returning to. That was my worst experience post bleed as it took so long to accept I couldn’t do the work I did before. 

Hopefully you will get back to doing the things you enjoyed before the accident. I’m fitter now than I was before as I have gone back to running and gym. 

I can’t help with your dizziness but hopefully someone on here will face some tips to help cope with it. Have you tried the charity Headway for some support? 

Congratulate yourself on coming as far as you have in such a short time. 

Clare xx


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Thank you Clare, that's so inspiring ❤️ it's my dream to be able to run and do a gym class again, but let's see if that can happen. Fingers crossed. I can walk at the moment, but last week I overdid it and walked 20km and went swimming, which was definitely too much. Thank you again, I'm off sick at work at the moment, but I'm unsure when/if I'll return. It's good to be able to accept things, when I do, I start to feel a lot happier and settled. Thank you and I wish you the best xxxx

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Hi all,

I wrote to another member as I felt that they had a similar experience of experiencing SAH at a relatively young age. Basically I just moaned about it haha. But the message was this: Hi I thought I'd give you a message as I had an SAH an ICH and pressure building on the right hand side of my brain,due to an accident, this was 3 months ago. I'm 37.


I can walk but I can't run or do other things I used to enjoy. Housework is hard. I live alone so that's hard too. I have vision issues and dizziness. I just want to get better. I feel like a drag on my parents. I'm not back at work yet and don't want to go back. I feel like I've lost all motivation to do anything. Thank you for your post. Holly xx


Does anyone relate and could give me advice or inspiration? Sorry for being a mopey moaner.

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Hi Holly a very warm welcome to BTG :)


As Clare has said, you really have been through it and you should be very proud of how far you have come in such a short time. It is very early days in your recovery. I also felt very frustrated i could not do what i did before. I had double vision and balance problems too. Still  have balance problems and fatique. Have learnt to pace myself.


I found using a walking stick really helped me, even though i felt everyone was looking at me, they weren't. I also wore sunglasess as was very sensitive to light. Felt like a right poser 🤣 😎 Joining BTG was the best thing i ever did. So many others here that had similar issues and helped me with their experiences. You will find lots of very helpful information on the Forum. 


One step at a time, your parents are right, just takes time. Sometimes i found i went one step forward and two steps back.Your body will let you know if pushing too hard, as you have found out :biggrin:  If possible dont rush back to work and when you do, go back on a phased return and see how you cope.


Please feel free to join in the daily banter in the Green Room, we are a friendly bunch and we understand the good and the bad days.


Never say sorry for being a mopey moaner, we are here for you and totally get how you are feeling, sending hugs  xx


Dont be so hard on yourself xx Things will get better, just takes time and patience.


Look forward to hearing more from you.

Take care

Love Tina xx

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Hi there and warm welcome to the site....


Sorry to read about your accident I hope hasnt put you of Scotland... 


sorry you feel the way you are, keep well Hydrated it helps, maybe seek councelling Headway is a good place - its all slow but keep pushing and I do ditto what others have been saying...


Yes join in, in the Green Room 


take care. 

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Hi Holly, it’s been 4 years since I had my SAH. In the beginning I had balance and vision problems too. Slowly everything got better.

The only thing that hasn’t improved is my having Anxiety and Panic Attacks. My doctor told me it’s because I endured a life threatening ordeal and survived.


Everyone on this site has been so helpful and I was able to deal with it better, because of the the caring people here. I pray for healing for you, and all the advice given by others is true. It’s just going to take time and patience is key.


All the dizziness, balance and vision issues should resolve in time. But, if they don’t, see your doctor. I’m currently having a problem with head jerking/spasms and sensitivity on the back of my head. This is new and may not have anything to do with the SAH. I will see the doctor for it soon.


This head jerking turns me completely over sometimes. My head goes all kinds of crazy ways. Kind of scary. Anyway sweetie, we are all here for you and hoping for the very best in your recovery. It’s early still and everything will get better. 🙏❤️❤️❤️

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You're the second person I've heard had a bad accident while cycling in Scotland. I don't think it's Scotland or the bikes that are the problem, it's the cars! 


You're still early in your recovery and I was very similar with getting overwhelmed in crowds/noisy places. Think of it like if you'd broken your leg you'd not feel ready for a marathon straight away! It's the same with a brain injury. Your brain is still healing/readjusting after the bleed and it takes time to build up the stamina for dealing with lots of noise/people/lights etc. It's all normal recovery feelings.


I'm 8 years post bleed and still get those same overwhelming feelings if I get stressed. Taking 20 mins to just lie down is sometimes just enough to give your brain a little break.


Andrea x 

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