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Low Resistance

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Hi All

Just wondering if any of you seem to catch all bugs going since their SAH. I appear to catch every infection or ailment going and I'm sure this was not the case before my SAH. My body seems unable to avoid any coughs or colds that are flying about and since my bleed I have become diabetic and have quite bad spinal arthritis. Perhaps its just my age or is it down to my grey matter rebelling?



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hi john

since you sah your immune system takes a knock and is not working at its best and it takes a very long time to pick up it may be of benefit to speak to your gp and see if there are some things you could take to improve your health i will pm you some information hope things get better for you take care

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Hi John...hope you are ok? I seem to be ok with regards to bugs and stuff...no difference, rarely was ill. But then my Cancer they say was caused by the trauma of my SAH...so who knows ?! Take care love Tina xx

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Hi John

I haven't found any difference, I hardly ever caught a cold or bug and haven't had one yet since my SAH (touch wood!). But your body's having to deal with a lot and it must compromise your immune system. I hope you feel better!

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