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Tersons syndrome

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Hi everyone,

I suffered my SAH in Sept 2009, it was due to a ruptured aneurysm on my right opthalmic artery. It was coiled and when I 'came round' a week later I found I had very impaired vision in my left eye. After much moaning on my part (consultant didn't seem concerned) I was reffered to the opthalmologist who diagnosed 'Tersons syndrome' a haemorrhage behind eye at same time as an SAH.

Over the last year it has improved slowly but in last couple of weeks I have had visual disturbance like a migraine and am not seeing opthalmic consultant til Sept 10th.

I am also waiting for a date to 'top up' coils as angio showed they had settled in aneurysm.

I feel really low at the moment it's like you have this major life changing event and then you are virtually left to get on with it.

I would be so grateful to hear from anyone who has had visual problems following their SAH.

Thanks Steph x

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Hi Steph,

I also have visual troubles. Had my haemorrhage in June 09. I have a blind area in both eyes and have been told it will not go away. I am still fighting to get my drivers licence back, but do beleive I will one day. They have told me it's a matter of waiting till I Learn to automatically compensate for not being able to see in that particular area, Just as a person with only one eye does.

I was clipped as opposed to coiling, so I can't comment on that sorry. My opthalmologist wont see me again till November, which is really annoying as the DVLA need him to pass on test results.

Sorry I haven't been more help to you and I hope you get all this sorted soon.

Sally x

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I had my SAA clipped in June this year, my anyurism didn't burst but caused a 3rd nerve palsy to my right eye. i am still suffering double vision alhtough the palsy is now only partial. My eye Cons doesn't seem to think the nerve will fully recover but my neurosurgeon seems to think it will. I have a review at the eye clinic in Sept (2 motnths after the last one) & assume if there has been a change in my eye they will review me again in another 2 months, if there isn't a chang I suspect it will be more like 6 months. my left eye is unaffected by any problem & the sight in my right eye alone is fine (I jsut have double vision when suing both eyes at the same time)

I can't answer about coiling eiter I'm afriad. As for haemorrage behind the eye a friend of mine suffered on as a young girl & it did gradually get better although she did lose soeme sight in that eye.

Hope things improve for you soon

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Hi I was left with Terson's Syndrome and it can be cured. It is caused by debris that is left behind in the back of the eye when the blood that has forced its way down the optic nerve into the eye clears.

A good eye surgeon will be able to take everything out, for want of a better word, and clear the debris. I had mine done under a local, a bit like cataracts, and it took about an hour.

The snags are, you could be left blind in that eye, which wouldn't have made any differance to me as my sight was barely there and cataracts could develop early which can be cured.

They actually tore my retina and I had an air bubble put in to hold it together and I had to keep myself in two positions alternately for 10 mins at a time with a 5 min sit up in between continually for 10 days. This is called posturing. It was very difficult to do, but what price your sight?

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Hi Steph,

I must confess I had not heard of Terson's syndrome until you started this thread.

I am glad that you did moan to your Consultant and got referred to an opthamolgist who subsequently made the diagnosis - I don't think you should have to resort to moaning but I do think that in many cases it is the only way to get yourself heard and things done.

I had my sah in November 2008 and have suffered with visual disturbance ever since.

I mentioned this to my consultant each time I saw him and he eventually referred me to an Opthamologist in July last year, who suggested it was the aura of migraine. I have only recently seen a copy of the letter that she wrote to my Consultant/GP which stated that, as I had not had any episodes of visual disturbance for the 3 months prior to seeing her, there was no need for her to see me again. There was certainly no mention of Terson's syndrome in my case, but the letter did state that my other aneurysm was going to be coiled which was news to me and apparently news to my neuro Consultant too when I asked him about it recently! However, the visual disturbance returned shortly after that and became very frequent in May/June/July of this year. In the middle of June I had an episode of double vision, which I had never had before. Bearing in mind my other, unruptured aneurysm is sitting close to the origin of the opthalmic artery I was rushed into hospital and was checked out by CT scan. I was told it was probably an acephalgic migraine. I was however sent to have an MRI scan (1.8.10) and saw my consultant on 9th August who told me there was nothing new to worry about, but they thought the double vision could have been caused by an 'old' stroke which they had found evidence of. I did not realise I had had any other stroke other than the sah and I still don't understand how that could have suddenly caused the double vision:confused:

Anyway, I again mentioned to him that I still have the visual disturbance and he said I was to go to my GP and get a referral to see a neurologist as he wanted to get to the bottom of it (so do I). I saw my GP on 11th August and as I had not received an appointment through by yesterday I rang the surgery to chase it. To cut a long story short I have now got that appointment for 28th September - not far off two years since the visual disturbance started! So I will wait and see what he has to say.

I also had to have more coils put in the aneurysm that had ruptured so I really can understand how all this can get you down.

I'm not sure if any of this will have helped with your own concerns but I wish you well for your appointment on 10th - I hope you get it sorted and things don't drag on like they have with me. I think that my problem is that I probably don't moan loud enough!


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