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Hello from Jo


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HELLO MY NAME IS JO I HAD MY STROKE Haemorrhage 2-13-2008 an this is new to me .MY husdand Randy was at work when it hapen to me . i called him at work and told him that i didnt fell good that i had a head ake after i talk to him i went out side to have a cup of coffee an i felt funny then i went to stand up that is when i fell down on the back porch my head hit the table on the back porch I TOLD MY BROTHER to call Randy my husban an he did an he told Jim my brother to call my sister in law an thew came over and toke me to the hospitial . when i woke up i was confus didnt no whaty was going on with me . Istayed in ER for about three hours . them they toke me to exy that is when they found out that i had a stroke haemorrhage had a blood fes popo in my head had to give me a shot to stop the bleeding then took me to ICU for about a week . THEN THEY took me to anouther vroom an did a lot of test on me . I dont rember what all test they did on me all i know is wheni woke up i could not fell eny thing i was paralysis from my wast down my legs and an arms an fingers would not move . So it took me a long time to get to where i could walk but now im walking an my hands our good now they are working to thank you for lesting to me .

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