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My memory has definitely been affected. I've lost my memory from about 1 hour in A&E to the following week. My short term memory was very poor in the first couple of weeks. I would forget to take tablets and forget who visited. This has vastly improved. I still forget insignificant things. But now I use my diary faithfully and set reminders in my mobile phone. I also record in the diary what has happened that day as a reminder for me so I don't reflect on the week and think what have I done.

I was recommend to do word searches and puzzles to improve my memory.


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My short term memory is definetly worse since the SAH, it doesn't seem to have the capacity to retain too much information now.

I use a lot of "post-it" notes and I also keep a "things to do"book with written notes and reminders in it.

My memory is worse when I'm tired and I can often find myself walking into a room and completely forget why I've gone in there..........

The only good point about having a memory problem, is that I don't tend to stress so much about things, as they don't stay on my mind long enough to stress about! :lol:

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My memory has been very affected short term to about 10years anything after that I do although fuzzy, I used to remember things from way back it was like watching a TV really weird, I used to look at someone but see them as they were when I first meet them very strange. This only happened in the first year or so.

Also I cant remember things, when you recall an event you can picture it I dont have memories like that.

I was told to do word searches write things down, I used to keep a diary of things that's good because now I can look back on it & see just how far I have come along.

Louise :lol:

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My memory is no where near as good as it used to be. I haven't lost memories, I can still remember everything up to the point when my brian popped. The week after that is slightly fuzzy, but can remember the hospital, the women on my ward, the names of the nurses that looked after me and then staying with family in Cornwall.

Its the small things that I forget,like most, walking into a room to get something and then not remembering what it was I wanted.

I've always done crosswords and word searches so I've carried on with them. Its a milestone if I remember to do something that I planned the day before if I don't write it down first.


Sami xxx

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Sorry, what's this post about?

Ah, yes, memory. Forgot for a minute. My memory is absolutely terrible now. Short term is the worst, and I can't remember a thing of what went on in hospital apart from being woken up for drugs (hardest question was what's today's date, particularly when you didn't even know what time it was).

The kids, however, think it's great. They're quids in now.......!

Sarah x

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My short term memory is terrible. I think about something I am meant to do, then forget it -- EVEN after writing it down!! The neurologist recommended crosswords and we also now do that Dr Kawashim brain gym which has helped enormously. But I still feel less in control of my short term memory, despite the improvement.

Cheers J

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Yes, memory is my biggest buggaboo since SAH. It's significantly worse. I don't keep track of my work schedule as well as I used to. Just yesterday I found out I had remembered a due date wrong on a current project. Now I have a hellish month of work ahead trying to make the date. And yes, that's WITH writing it down. I forget anyway. I think now I'm going to begin to keep my work schedule on the computer calendar as well as the desk calendar and the bulliten board. Maybe the triple whammy will do it.

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