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Terry - Dizziness / sense of taste/smell

Guest cdl

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Hi Karen and everyone

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, Terry has been so up and down.

He is troubled daily by a metallic taste/smell all the time, wondered if anyone else experiances this?

Also he can't stand up straight away from the couch or bed he gets so dizzy and his legs give way. He struggles to walk from the lounge to the kitchen without these problems, wondering wether anyone else has or is experiancing this/these types of problems?

The posts on experiances fatigue memory are great, Terry is 3 months on now and these problems are still vast for him. It's heartbreaking still coming to terms with things, will they improve?

Love to you all


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Hi Louise,

I had to do the new postings whilst I remembered.....otherwise it often goes straight out of my head........there was a lot of the guys on the site last night replying to them, which was great......I was also very tired and ended up making mistakes in my postings, so I had to close the laptop and put it away.

So don't worry about replying....I wasn't expecting the replies to come in that quickly, I just wanted to get the job out of the way, whilst I remembered! :lol:

I'm having a tired headachey day.....so sitting on the sofa with my laptop and having a rest.

Bye for now,

Love K x

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Hi there

Carol, Metallic smell & taste I had that at once point wont be related but it was because the doctor gave me anti-biotics that didnt go well with other meds I was on, so I felt a lot worse that I was horrible cant sympathise.

Found out with that though that some Meds can do that after SAH.

Doubt that will help but thought I'd say.

Karen, I have to do things too when I remember, I had a fairly good day Tuesday but paid for it yesterday really tired - winter........

Take care


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Hey there

Sorry you're having a bad start to the day Karen. Make sure you rest up for a while.

Carol, can't help you with the problems that Terry is having I'm afraid. I'm one of the 'lucky' ones who hasn't suffered many affects of the SAh - just headaches and tiredness. Hope things improve though.

Well it's white and wintery here in Nottingham. The city centre isn't too bad but where we live (about half an hour outside) its nice and white and Siobhan and I enjoyed walking down to school in it this morning. I had to get the bus in today again as Paul worked late and the slept here on my bed. We've got a shed load of artworks in and there's more to come so we're trying to shift it as quickly as possible. Can't imagine I'll be seeing much of my husband in the evening over the next week!!

By the way my letter has been published in Take a Break this week. If you don't want to buy the mag but want to have a look its on Page 66 and its titled "He's a life saver". The picture was taken about two years ago - hence the dark hair and I was chief bridesmaid at an old friends wedding.

Anyway, proof reading to.


Sami xxxx

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Hi Carol,

How are you? Hope that you're coping as well...

I can't say that I've experienced a metallic taste in my mouth.....however, I know that some people do experience problems with taste post SAH....I would imagine that it depends on what part of the brain has been affected by the SAH?

Carol, I've experienced dizziness all the way through and I'm 18 months post SAH. Some days are worse than others.....especially if I'm tired or I overdo things. Has he got a walking stick or some sort of walking aid that he can use to make him feel more comfortable when he tries to get to his feet?

I would imagine that the security of also knowing that he wasn't going to fall would give him back some confidence.....his legs will get weaker if he doesn't use them.. and his brain needs to re-train itself to accept the dizziness...it's hard I know, I'm still going through it. Dizziness is horrendous and it takes a long while to accept that nothing is going to happen to you and there's also the anxiety factor which enhances the dizzy spells.

Is Terry suffering from anxiety? If he is, the GP will be able to prescribe him something to help him feel more relaxed. The less Terry moves, the brain doesn't learn to compensate for the dizziness.....dizziness will very often make the legs "feel weak"....in fact in the early stages, I felt as though my legs didn't belong to me. However, the muscles will also become weaker if you don't.

It's probably very hard for Terry and he has my every sympathy....it does get better, but you do have to learn to live with it and I've found it very slow going.....

If you are worried, see your GP who should be able to refer Terry for some Physio and a balance assesment.....I've had it done...but the help came very late for me. Sometimes, I think that the medics like to see how much recovery you make on your own, before they refer you...Terry is still quite early on with his recovery. I also use a gym ball to help with core strength....it's very gentle exercise, but it helps with any body weakness.

Hope this helps, but hopefully the more he moves around, the more his brain will learn to cope.......it's not easy...it's small steps at a time....

Love K x

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Hi Carol,

That's the great thing about having a site like this, is to realise that you aren't the only one experiencing it.....when I've asked the medics about certain problems, it was as if I was only person to have ever experienced a SAH or they just couldn't give me an answer.....so you feel out on a limb and it's frightening and frustrating, that's when the anxiety can kick in and cause even more problems.

I know that we all vary with the degree of physical problems that we are left with after a SAH....it depends on a lot of factors.....bleed size, location etc ... but you will always manage to find somebody that is experiencing the same as you are and that's a great comfort in itself......just to know that it isn't abnormal and it's just part and parcel of recovery, it helps take away the fear.

Does Terry look at this site? I know that it really helps me to have the communication with others in the same predicament.

Anyway, good luck with the Doc .....

Love K x

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Hello Carol

I had a very heightened sense of smell during the first couple of months. Not as much now I've just gone 3months post SAH. There are certain foods I've gone coffee like coffee, I used to love it before and now only since last week have had wine before I would easily have drank a bottle now 1 glass is plenty.


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Hi Carol

It will get better, I'm sure. It is great to be able to share our experiences and realise that we are not alone.

I still have occasional dizzy spells, used to have quite a few initially. I'm now 4 and a half months post SAH. Still have to have a daily sleep. I still get headaches, grumpy, short with other people and sleep is fragmented. BUT I'm alive and once I remind myself of that everything seems much better. I realise that things will never be the same again but equally I do value things much more.

Love to you both

Sarah xx

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