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Body Temperature

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Before the SAH I used to be very warm blooded, and I remember in hospital I had to get a fan because the central heating was too hot.

But in the last month I feel very cold. I know the outside temp is cold but this never bothered me before. Now I find that a few times during the day and when I go to bed, my feet, hands and nose are freezing! I've now turned into a hotwater bottle hugger!!


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Since the SAH my temperature has been really weird one side of me can be hot the other cold if somebody takes my hand says Oh your freezing I put my other across Ah strange!!!

In the winter I'm freezing - I mean really cold & In the summer I'm really HOT I know strange.... :roll:

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I'm not sure whether I've changed or not. Paul said I was complaining of being cold when he came into the hospital - even though it was summer. But generally I've always been nesh and felt the cold. I've always preferred the warmth - probably the Spanish in me coming out!!

Sami xx

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Hey J

Am beginning to agree with you on the cloning thing - though I am only part Spanish (great great grandma) on mums side and part Irish (great grandma) on dad's side. Oh well at leat Ii am European! And like you can't wait for the summer - hate snow and rain!!!


Sami xxx

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Personal summers!!!! That's GREAT!!!! I can sure use that one. Here I've heard ladies say "I'm glistening". hahaha

I tend toward cold, generally, but then we're having a record spell here of a week of below zero temps at night. I like the winter less and less as I get older. You must get your spring earlier there. We don't have the birds singing just yet. Our spring is usually here to stay by the end of April.

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Hey guys this reminded me that I was a warm blooded person then after the SAH I reckon I felt the cold for 18months.

I have gradually returned to my previous state but it has taken a while.

I am now nearly 2 1/2 years post SAH.

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