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Aches and pains

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Hi everyone just a question.

Did or do you suffer with aches and pains? I know that is normal for us to have pain in our necks which i have. But i also have suffered with pains in the face, 1st started in the forehead then a month later moved to the nose and cheek bones for a couple of months, now i have it in the jaw in the front of my neck amd across my chest. My chest aches everynight. Maybe im just a freak!!!!!! Been to the doc who doesnt know what it is but thinks its relative to the SAH .

Anybody with any answers would be great:-D

Take care Rhiann x

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Hi Rhiann - I had all kind of aches and pains in the early days. Horrible pain in midback and down through my legs. That lasted almost a month. Was told the blood from the initial bleed has no where to go and gets reabsorbed through the spinal cord and can cause a lot of pain for a while. Think it's pretty common. Didn't have chest pain. Have had pain like you're talking of in forehead and cheekbone area down to jaw. Trigeminal nerve irritation for me. So many things happen our bodies after a SAH - sometimes I wonder if the Dr.s even know all the affects that take place! Hang in there and get lots of rest and Tons of water. Hope you're feeling better soon.

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Hi Rhiann!

I've had these weird aches and pains too. The elastic band feeling, sore face, blocked sinuses, sore forehead and temples, unbearable back pain, sore legs, and weird chest pain. Not all at the same time.

I started going to a chiropractor for the back pain 2 weeks after my NASAH. I explained to her that I had a brain bleed and didn't know the cause so please stay away from my neck. She was very supportive and far more willing to pay attention and learn with me than the family doctor.

She helped me through the debilitating lower back pain, is now working on my mid back pain. She also massages my head and neck and works on unblocking my sinuses by touching pressure points on my head and face.

For me personally, this has been helpful. It offers me relief and helps me relax and sleep better at night.

I hope your pain is subsiding. I'm finding that every day is a new day and not to expect anything. Just let it happen.

Take care my new friend!

Sandi K. Xoxoxox

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I am 4 months post SAH, had a craniotomy. I have just started to have aches and pains in my head and face. A lot around my left eye sockett, down my face and in the left side of my head. Occasionally i start to panic but have been re assurred that it is part of the process of healing. Just strange its happenning 4 months on. This site is really helping to support me through this process.

Take Care

Karen x:-D

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Hi Karen!

I don't know anything medical but just wondering if it perhaps has taken this long for your nerves to heal enough to feel the pain? I didn't have a craniotomy or any surgery at all, my heart goes out to you. I can only imagine that everything is intensified and takes longer for anyone who had surgery or coiling or clipping. If the pain means your healing then it must be good news, but too bad you have to feel the pain now....

Sandi K. Xoxo.

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