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Little forgetful moments.

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Hi All

I have been having what my wife calls partial seizures. I was on holiday with my wife and mother in law and they both noticed that i was having "the lights are on but nobody is home moments"

I have been to the football and wondered how it went from 10 minutes gone until 13 minutes. My fatigue is rising its ugly head again.

My sah was over 3 years ago and i wondered if anyone has had any similar episodes. they told me ages ago that the probability for me to have seizures was high but why after so long.

Hope you have some answers before i go to the G.P.

Best Wishes Stephen

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Hi Stephen,

I don't have any answers for you but I do have the same problem. I am not usually aware of it happening but and am usually surprised when people point it out and (and generally argue with them that they are soooo wrong!!!!).

I was told after SAH over 2 years ago that the risk of seizure was high in the first year after a brain injury and that if you have no seizures in the first 2 years you are unlikely to have any after that? I would be really interested to know how you get on if you do seek advice from your doctor.

I have had a few falls where I believe I am totally with it but do not always remember smaller details of the actual fall. Has this happened to you?

Good luck!

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