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Another young person has a SAH

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Blimey she was lucky too! Hadn't seen that story before...

No wonder her op was touch and go, mine was 8 days post-SAH and caused severe vasospasm because of the time lapse... it's amazing that she was acting out being on her death-bed, and she was actually experiencing so much pain at the time too!?

Kel x

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Hi All

She is a very lucky lady and thank God she's OK but I am sure I have read on this site many who have been misdiagnosed for longer. This is not a boast and I consider myself very very lucky but was misdiagnosed for 21 days. I'm not looking for sympathy as the best present I ever had was to survive. The odds I was given was a third die, a third are very severley disabled and a third survive.

I believe its still true that neurologists are still not 100 per cent confident in the cause and recovery from aneurysms.

I AM NOW ON MY 5TH ANNIVERSARY in 3 days time. I was coiled on Friday 13th January 2006 so Friday 13th is my lucky day!!!

Cheers All:-D:-D:-D

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Gosh,very harrowing to read,so lovely to hear of her good recovery and going back to her job,acting on stage :shock:. Mr lovely Patel,my surgeon,my hero.Yet again he's performed wonders bless him. So jealous of her going back to work :lol: it's the one thing I long to do.

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