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Chat with neurologist

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Hi All,

Yesterday I went for my first chat with my neurologist since I had my second Annie deal with last Sept. He asked how I was ,I said I feel fine, quite happy with life.

I asked him a few questions, about a couple of things that were on my mind. One being would he advice that my two son's had a MRI scan, due to what has happened to me. He said really if there is noone else in the family known to me who had ever had Anne's then he thought that they would not need to have one. So that's good. Many people ask this question.

I asked about the bleed that happened during the op. He said it was not not quite the same as a Hemorrhage, that ruptures due to the Annie. Mine happened due to what was going on while they were coiling the Annie. He told me all this as I had asked the question what grade was the bleed. He said if he had to say it would be 0 to 1.

It would seem they are going to keep an eye on me, as the Annie that was done 11 years ago, has how can I explain it. A little tiny bit, that is not quite sealed, BUT is not showing me or them any concern's. They just want to scan it again in two years time.

I am not going to spend my time thinking about that for sure, too much living to do.

He wants to be kept imformed by my doctor, how my BP is going. Have to see my doctor, as I will have been on tablets for three weeks when I see her. It was still a little high yesterday at the clinic. It will either be ok with one tablet of 2.5mg or she will give me another or put them up. Also will look at the blood test I had done last week, to make sure my kidneys are ok taking the BP tablets.

Well thats me nearly free of some appointments. Only have to keep up my botox injections for my eyelid problem, that will come round every three months. And keep a check on my eye sight, due to the fact the right eye does all the work, because of the loss of sight in the left eye.

One thing for sure, I feel more in control of me and what I want to do. Unlike 11 years ago when I had the first Annie dealt with. No idea what had happened to me. Thanks to all you folks not ever on my own.

Thanks. Love Sonia xxxx

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