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my mums 2nd attempt at being coiled was a sucess!!!!

Guest jimjamjo

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Guest jimjamjo

Two weeks ago at Walton in Liverpool, my 71 year old mum Diana (who is my best mate )went down to theartre to be coiled ... It was adbandoned half way through due to a susspected stroke. At the time of her SAH id been snowboarding in Canada.I flew back from my holiday on the thursday,with the flu, not knowing what was going on,she was being coiled the next day ..Icouldnt evan go to see her.

She didnt have a stroke(I so much thank the surgeons for their expertese)

Over the following two weeks ,she regained her strengh, she learned to walk again & did a big pooh!!!!!!!!

Yesterday the coiling was a sucess......Ive got my mum back!!!!!!!

Shes back on the normal ward & is chatting away to every one,. as she herself cant believe her luck. Miracles do happen ...... :

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