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Spine Surgery & SAH

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Hello, Im new to the group today. I went into surgery on March 2 for a 2 level spinal fusion & woke up diagnosed with a spontaneous SAH. All the focus immediately became my brain & my surgery became very secondary. I was prescribed with nimodipine for 3 weeks & had several other narcotics to eleveate my back & nerve pain.

I have since gone to a specialist at the Barrow Neurological Institute. It was great to converse with the surgeons there but, now I feel like a man on an island.

Im 58 years old & have been in great health until I injured my spine.

I look forward to having the opportunity to talk with others about SAH. My biggest problem right now is trying to rehab my spine; the activity increases the degree & frequency of my headaches.

Good to be here,


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Hi Montana, welcome to BTG!

It's common to feel alone once sent home from the hospital. It seems none of us are given any or enough information on what happened to us and especially what to expect over the coming months.

This site is a real comfort and everyone here is very helpful. Feel free to ask your questions, someone always knows or has felt the same thing at some point in their recovery.

What a surprise it must have been when you realized you had an SAH and I'm sure you wondered what the heck it was! I knew nothing about brain bleeds until it happened to me.

I was in Montana last July. My husband and I rode from Victoria through to Cody Wyoming and then up to Whitefish on his Harley. We stayed 2 nights in Billings. You have a beatiful state.

Looking forward to hearing more from you.

Sandi K. Xo

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Hi Montana1

A warm welcome to BTG. Quite a shock for you to go in for surgery, then suffer a sah.

Hopefully, being on here, amongst others who have had a sah, will help you feel a bit less like a man on an island. It's still very early days for you but I wish you all the best in your continued recovery.


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hi montana

welcome to btg you are in the very early stages of recovery after such a double whammy its going to take a few more weeks before you start to feel the benefit of your surgery its going to take up to 3 - 4 month before the body absorbs the blood within the spinal cord from the bleed once that has happened with phyiso hopefully you will find with effort hopfully you will achieve full mobility wishing you well speak to you soon take care

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hi Montana,

Welcome to btg. I had my SAH 3 days after surgery for something unrelated so can understand that trying to recover from 1 thing is hard enough but with the SAH on top it is an uphill struggle. It will take time but you'll get there, just remember to listen to your body and rest.

speak soon

Jan x

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Hi Montana and welcome!:-D

What a shock, you must be totally overwhelmed by it all (as we all are when it first happens to us!).

Well at least your here and glad to be so,its hard at first but drink plenty of water for the old brain and keep calm try not to worry .... its 'baby steps' all the way for the time being!

Take each day as it comes and look after yourself the head aches do pass just keep drinking plenty of fluids thats the best you can do.

Good luck and look forward to you joining us in the green room.

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Hello and welcome to this wonderful place! It's like a family, seriously, but a family who knows pretty much exactly what you are going through ;)

Take it easy - you'll hear it time and time again, but it's very early days for the SAH alone, let alone recovering from spinal surgery. Make sure you get your 3 litres of water a day (I use sugar-free flavourings to make it easier) and plenty of rest. Don't push yourself too hard. If you are anything like me, you'll push and push and end up going 1 step forwards and 2 steps back. Pushing does not make you get better faster. I'm not saying that to depress you (!) I'm hoping you'll avoid crashing time and again like I have (and do).

Take care!!

(Montana - isn't that Big Sky country? Sounds wonderful)

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