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exercising [vibro plate]

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hi everyone,has anyone heard of this vibro machine ,where you go on it for 10 mins a day and its like a hour long workout,you just stand on it, i brought one went on it yesterday it was okay because i did ask could you feel it threw your head ,i know that sounds stupid but i just had visions of my coils falling out,has anyone been on one and how do they feel or can we use them. i did feel it in my head but i think its because i was thinking of it. anybody have any answers please. bay

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Hi Bay

I tried one once before (pre-SAH) at a friends gym, but I wouldn't fancy it now.

I felt quite unsteady after standing on some kind of 'wobble-board' in a kids playground a few weeks ago... (I clearly thought I was 8 again instead of 38!) so after that I don't think I'd fancy a vibrating machine... :crazy:

I would suggest contacting either your GP or your Neuro-consultant to confirm it is okay to use one though.

Please let us know when you find out though.


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Hi there

Yes I'd speak to your GP/or neuro before, I know my friend goes on a wobble board she has MS which is different, she couldnt do it anyway said she felt ill.

But remember everyone is different so I'd still ask....

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Hello Bay,

I joined my local gym around 7 months after my SAH. I was told by the lady there who deals with all the medical issues, Not to go on it. That was even before I was allowed to do their induction class. I must admit I dont fancy the idea of my head being shaken with such strong force even now 2 years on.

I would definitely seek advice before trying again.

sally. x

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