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Thxs for messages : my mums doin just fine!!!!!!

Guest jimjamjo

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Guest jimjamjo


My mum ( Diana) came out of hospital on thurs,in fact she was so adament to come out,she came out before we could get her house ready . It put me in to casualty with a kidney infection!!!

I went to see her today,what a strong determined lady.My familly amaze me.My sister had a cyst on her brain several years ago ,she allso has a shunt to carry on draining it ...My dad has had cancer of both his kidneys ,two years ago - still going strong,and now my mums has had an SAH .To me their bionic. Its taught me to take each day as it comes along, and to enjoy it ,as you dont know whats round the corner ?????

I took her,her replys,from this site and she was made up......She hasnt got a computer,but she has asked me to say " a BigThankyou to you all"....shes doin just fine!!!!! She knows Rome wasnt built in a day,but shes getting there!!!

Thxs Stella XX

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Hey Stella

Thats great news about your mum, but my word your family has been through the mill - you're an inspiration to each other as well as everyone else.

Let your mum know she is more than welcome and I hope her recovery continues to be a good one. My husband has told me that he thinks it s my stubborn streak that helped me get through the SAH to the point where if you didn't know I'd had one you wouldn't know (I'm six months post SAH).

Give your whole family and yourself a big hug from me!!!


Sami xxx

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