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Hi, I have posted a new picture in the photo gallery, it is of a page from a magazine and the photos are mine! :-) When I had my SAH four and a half years ago, I knew that I couldn't work at my old job again, ( I ran my own business doing accounts for small businesses and also repaired and built computers). I suffered / suffer from all the usual post SAH problems, fatigue, poor memory and concentration, confusion, insomnia and sometimes depression. I got a camera to help motivate myself to get out and about and it also helped me to look at the photos and remember people and events, a kind of visual diary. Also I think it helped to hide behind a camera when there was too much going on! A couple of years ago I decided to join a local camera club, my friend had to take me and keep an eye on me for the first few months, I found it very tiring and after a club night I couldn't sleep as my brain tried to process what had happened and what I had learned, so was usually laid up the next day as well! Over time this has improved and I have gradually learned more about photography and processing but still have a long way to go ( although I still forget most of it and in a way have to keep relearning, but it does eventually get retained :) ) Anyway, I am now photographing new babies, a friends wedding, and anything else that takes my interest. I was asked to take the photos for this magazine as the photographer was off sick, the children are my grandson and his friend,I am quite pleased with how it looks, but mainly really pleased that I am recovering and making progress, albeit quite slowly.

I hope this makes sense, I still have trouble expressing myself with the written word, and you might not be able to see the photo yet as it has to be moderated :)


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Vivien, how wonderful! Thank you for sharing your progress with us, how it's taken time and determination but you stuck with it. Its great that this positive thing has come out of having an SAH. I had a peek at the picture and it's very professionally done. Way to go!

Sandi K.

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Hi Vivien - Nice to see you here :biggrin:! Thanks for sharing your photography and story of how you've progressed - beautiful. Love all your photos, you've got a great eye and they're all very professional. I'm sure the magazine shot was great fun for you and the kids. Here's to you and your new found career :smilewinkgrin: Look forward to seeing many more pics.

Take care, hon and don't be a stranger,


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Hi Viv,

Your pics are great and the one of you smiling is the best ......Keep up with the smiles it helps.

I saw a programme on TV and it said how laughter is one of the best medicines.....So I better not tell you any bad jokes as

my jokes are awful, plus I forget punch line.

Keep smiling if possible and when down sing xx(drives my family up the wall off key singing lol)

Good luck on recovery xx


WinB143 xx

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Your pictures are lovely; well done for channeling your creativity this way. Have you heard of Blipfoto? It's a daily photojournal site which I use to trigger my memory for events and feelings on days I would otherwise have forgotten. There is a lovely supportive community on there and it's free! If you'd like to have a look, my journal is at www.blipfoto.com/Annie.

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