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Saturday 15-10-11: Random thoughts

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Woke up this morning feeling good. Got up at 06:30 am. Checked my emails and got myself ready for my morning walk. Grabbed my ipod and off to the street to enjoy this beautiful day. Random thoughts: It's been 5 months since it happened and to this day, i still don't recall what happened between the time i felt the first headache and to the time i passed out and woke up in ICU. I don't think i will ever remember. I finally accepted that my life will never be the same. Ever since it happened, i've never felt so much love and support from my family and friends. Though, they will never completely understand what's going on with me or about SAH i have BTG family that knows what it feels like to go through such road. Will it ever happen again? maybe but this doesn't mean that i cannot enjoy continuing living life to the fullest. Even with these headaches :). I have to look at the glass half full...

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Hi Ryan! It sounds like you are having a good day. : )

I find that acceptance of this situation comes and goes. For me it seems to be dependent upon what I'm doing. When I was home from work and focusing on recovery I felt like I was accepting things quite well. I knew I was a bit 'different' and that in time I wold gradually get better. But now it's been almost a year for me and I have the odd really good day which is great! But it reminds me of what it was like always before and I want it to be like that always again. And therefore I'm not accepting what's happened and the differences in me. I guess I'm explaining all this in case you find yourself in a similar situation.

The good days are fantastic aren't they though! Hold onto them. Everyone says they come more often as time goes on. I think that's true. I had two in a row last weekend! It was great!!

Sandi K.

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Thanks Sandi, very true. I completely agree. Great day...had brunch with my friend Lizzle and very productive, Headaches..well more of a pressure, not too bad. Did laundry, house is clean and getting ready to meet up with mum and dad for dinner. Good days are rare but sure nice to feel this way...Once again, thank you. I am learning so much from you guys...


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Hi Ryan - so nice for you, that you're having some good days :biggrin: It's great when they happen, and I'm sure you'll have many more to come!

Sandi's post said it all - (thanks, Sandi - you saved me the typing :) . It's great as well, that you've got good support. I think our environments can really play into our recoveries.

Have a great week!


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Hi Ryan,

It's so great to hear you're doing so well.

Like Sandi, my acceptance does come and go a bit, since I've found out after starting my phased return to work last week.

I'll get there, I know that, just in my own time.

I still have very patchy memory of my SAH, there's so much I don't remember. Other memories are hazy, it's like I don't know if they are actually my memories or what people have told me when I'm trying to fill in the gaps.

You're doing brilliantly and I hope those good days continue.

Take care,

SarahLou Xx

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Hi I am new here and I am wearing reading glasses so I do not have to raise my head to use my bifocals. New tactic. I just started back to work last week and I think it was too soon. I thought I was ready and those 3 months were long enough. I had stopped by the veterinary office where I work and helped out here and there. I only live about a mile away and my co workers and boss are very cool with it. I did not however take anything for my headaches while working. Boy that was a mistake, I am on day 7 of one long headache. I went to neurosurgeon last week 12/15 & my MRA was good so I told him I was going back full time. He asked me that 3 times now I KNOW WHY. I needed to rethink that, I have an appt with the neurologist on 12/28 to talk about pain control. I did get a massage today and saw the GP for a better pain plan over the holidays. I did not know that the headaches would still be here. I think every time I have a good day (or morning) I am "cured", done with this annoyance. I also have fibromyalgia so I am use to sucking it up and moving on but I spend a great deal of time laying down trying to find something soft enough to put my head on. My headaches are in the back of my head & neck and sides, sometimes sinuses seem bad as well. I AM SO THANKFUL to have found this place. I don't understand or recall much and my short term memory is not so hot. But when you are taking pain medications and muscle relaxers you don't know what is from what at some point. I make many lists -I have them all over the house!! More like random thoughts of things that I need to do or pick up but no order to them at all. Maybe I need a bigger sheet of paper to put them in categories! Anyway just wanted to vent and say I was that I found this place & that it gives me a reassurance that this is normal. Thank You, Mary

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Well, the biggest thing I learned was to listen to my body/head...it would let me know when I had overdone it. Just because you have a good day, doesn't mean you are cured, it means you let your body heal. When you push it too hard, it pushes back. I was told that it would take at least 3 months for the body to absorb the blood out of the cerebral fluid.

The hardest thing for me was accepting that I could not do even 10% of what I could normally do before the NASAH. Eventually the good-ish days outnumbered the bad ones, until they became Good days. But it certainly wasn't like gettting a cast removed and getting mobility of a limb back, it was a slow process that taught me patience. Respect your body :smile5: I found ice packs worked wonders on my neck for headaches.

Mary...don't "suck it up"...be kind to yourself, and give yourself the gift of time to heal (hugs)

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Ryan even after many years i still get the odd bad day,i dont dwell on it much but with a heache things do worry me from time to time.

it isnt worth worrying about,you survived.will it happen again,who knows ,why care youve had got bonus time i was very very ill 6 years on

and apart from seperate issues almost forget at times it ever happened.

chin up soldier on and enjoy your life.


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