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I am forever getting help ....someone came up to me and said ..Hello Win remember me ? ....talked to me like I was deaf lol

I said "Hello Jim how are you" My family have been exaggerating again about how ill I have been (Joke) tut tut....

mind I really did have to think of his name lol


WinB143 xx

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I think the old deep breaths are the best option; breath in for a count of 6 and out for a count of 11' is the best one, as the more you get frustrated, the more you can't find the right words and get yourself in a state, ready to blow...

It is so hard when others are getting impatient... you just have to remember that you have been through so much and they can't even begin to fully understand the enormity of it all (even we struggle with understanding it ourselves!).

Take care

Kel x

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Hi Shirls,

I know how you feel. I'll quite often struggle with my words, can't get the words out that I can see clearly in my head, if that makes sense!

It's worse when I'm tired, or in stressful situations. My family and friends are fine, they understand. It's harder when I'm at work or shopping, on the phone to strangers etc. I find myself explaining to people what's happened, ask them to bare with me while I find my words.

It's a tough thing to get used to but it's a part of me now.

I hope your son and family become more understanding, maybe they could have a look at this site.

Take care,

SarahLou Xx

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It is so much easier for me to find the right words when I'm typing than when I'm talking. I guess it's because I'm usually typing in a quiet and relaxed state. I have the most problem finding words when tired and flustered. If there are more than two or three people talking and they are competing for the 'floor' I don't even bother. I just give up. There is no point. I find that if I do demand their attention I cant keep their attention anyway! It's another new way of communicating for me, learning to sit back quietly and wait for the right time to speak. I find it all very frustrating.

Sandi K.

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Hi Shirls,

I just read this - & its one of my major bug-bears too.

Thankfully my SAH hasn't yet managed to rob me of my humour.

The other day I got myself in a right state, I was soooo frustrated & all because I couldn't remember the word HOOVER!!

I was hoovering and suddenly realised that I didn't know in my head what the word was!

Obviosly I knew it was a Dyson (cos it said so on it!) But I just couldn't remember what it was called!

I got so frustrated I then, in my confused state, abandoned the hoovering to go look it up in the dictionary! - HOW?!

Honestly I just had to laugh (& email my friend who immediately supplied the answer). Later that day I put my glasses in the FRIDGE instead of the drawer and then proceeded to forget one of the dogs' names!!!

I often think if my brain was like my blackberry life would be so much simpler IE a battery pull fixes everything!

Best wishes, Lindsay x

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