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Advice on what to expect

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Hi Shirls, you are definitely not a coward! It is such a thought to have to go anywhere near a hospital again. Keep in mind that the scan & angio are there to make sure all is well. I find that once they are over, the reassurance that all is well helps me to not over-react to any unexpected sign or symptom that would've put me in a tail spin before the tests.

Good luck with both

Michelle xx

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Hi Shirls

You are definitely not alone in feeling scared about upcoming scans and angiograms.

With regards to MRa I have had 2 of these which lasted about 15-20 minutes (although it depends what they have to check). I was more apprehensive on my first one, as I didn’t know what to expect, however I wasn’t so bad on the second one. The nurse was lovely both times though and really put me at ease.

You are given ear-plugs to help drown out the noise inside the MRi machine.

I believe that in some cases you may be injected with dye to show up the vessels in your brain for the MRa however I did not have to have that done (only when I had an initial CT scan prior to confirming SAH).

You lay on a bench and go backwards/head first into the MRi machine, with your head in a cradle-type-thing with a mirror on it, so that you can see out of the ‘tunnel’.

They give you a buzzer to hold, to press if you want to come out of the machine for any reason (and although I wanted to press it, I decided to just get on with it and get it over and done with!).

I kept my eyes open and kept counting silently to 60, in an attempt to wile away the time I was in there.

It is quite noisy inside the machine, as all the magnets are moving around to get the images, and I did come out both times with a moderate headache.

With regards to an Angiogram I started a thread for my 1st angiogram check-up . I hope this might help you to understand what to expect.

Please send me a private message if you have any queries.

Take care

Kel x

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Hi Shirls

I do hope I haven't scared you too much by giving too much information.

I actually watched a youtube video of the procedures so I knew what to expect!? Yep slightly crazy I suppose.

I also watched a film of a coiling operation about a month or so after my op... :crazy: I just have to do these things...

Kel x

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Hi Shirls,

I've just read your post as I've just got home from work.

I'm feeling rather zonked out but I wanted to reply.

I know exactly how you feel as I am due an MRI soon. It should have been done last Wednesday, if you read back on the posts your'll see what happened!

I feel the same as you, but the advise and support I've had from the guys on here has been fantastic.

We're all here for eachother.

I wish you good luck with your up coming appointments.

I'd better go as my vision is now playing up and I'm finding it hard to concentrate.

Big hugs to you.

Take care and keep smiling,


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Hello Shirls

I had my MRI scan in July or August...memory has gone lol it was a doddle honest nothing to get worried about ....but

you cannot help but worry.....I was scared in case they found anything but they didn't find a thing....ie no bad things growing

in my brain ....the wait for the all clear was the worst...

I.wonder if they even found my brain sorry bad joke.....try not to worry too much if I can get it over and done so can you

Now smile and sing a song xxxx oh the worst bit was my botty didn't fit in the trolley lol....ok another diet again !!


WinB143 xx

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Thanks SL will look for your post and good luck with you angio when it happens. x

Lol Win at least we all know we definately have brains :-D Even if they are a bit wonky :shock: Just going to check the size my bum is :roll: does anyone have the measurements of trolleys? :-D:lol:

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