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red carpet!

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Just thought id tell you what happened to me about 6 weeks ago?

I awoke in the night with a terrible headache, in fact it was worst i"d had since my SAH"s? went downstairs and took two tabs but couldnt get back to sleep! Went to work for next two days (as you do?) but on 3rd day i was at my parents house and told my dad about the headaches and told him it was the worst day i"d had and so dads being dads he took me to A & E?

On arrival the A & E waiting room was about three quarters full and i sat down while my dad went up to the reception-my dad had no sooner sat down when a gentleman came out and called out my name to go and be seen? Well you can imagine all the dirty looks i got off the other patients-i felt like id just shouted for a full house in gala bingo and all the old ladies were cursing me!!(cmon girls you know the bingo stare??)

Anyway the consultant came and asked me lots of questions and then he arranged for me to have a CT scan as i cant have MRI scans-thankfully that came back all clear and i was taken to a private room on a ward and given an injection for the pain and kept in overnight and let out the next afternoon.

The reason for my severe headache would you believe was a trapped nerve in my neck!- I have since been recieving treatment from a chiropracter and am doing great now.

The moral of the story is though how well and quickly i was treated now they know my history compared to how badly i was treated when first admitted 11yrs ago??

regards-BIG AL

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Hi Al

I had a similar experience.

When I had my SAH, some jumped up junior doctor said things like "In my experience, most headaches can be cured with fluids and oxygen!" and "We think you've just had a severe migraine" even though the classic symptoms of SAH were there and it took a second bleed for them to take it seriously.

I was taken back to my local hospital about 3 weeks post SAH with a very severe headache and as soon as they found out my history, the red carpet was rolled out, I jumped the queue and they were straight on the blower to the neuro unit in Southampton to find out what to do. Quite a difference!



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I also had the red carpet treatment, second time around and jumped all of the queue's. A bit different from my first experience, like the rest of you, just nice to be taken seriously and not being treated like a neurotic woman.

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Hey there

Yep me too. Went to the Docs about a week after with severe headaches got took into a side room,told to lay down, they asked if I wanted an ambulance to take me to hospital or whether I had transport - my Dad took me. The Docs rang the hospital to let them know I was on my way and as soon as i got there was taken by wheelchair to the fast track ward where I was kep in for three nights and had another scan - again all because they knew what had happened otherwise it would have been strong pain killers and bed rest.

Amazing :wink:

Sami xxx

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