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Has anyone noticed their spelling has got 'really bad' since the SAH and vocabulary I'm trying to remember a word that means 'really bad'!

Anyway just another thing I noticed and my writring as got really bad was never that great but now is a scrawl my brother is left handed and dyslexic and my writing does look like his.

Although I notice now if I proof it first I can pick up on it but there are lots or errors especially with things like there their and they're, and We're Where and were.

Anyway just an observation



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In a nut shell YES

Mind you was never a strong point as you may have realized :roll:

Really bad - Terrible, awful, when I look at my writing when I was just out of hospital its like when I was at school but it has got better & like everything not when I'm tired.


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Hey there

Yep also find spelling things harder now - spelling and Enlgish used to be one of my strong points but now I struggle to find the simplest word for something and then end up getting frustrated and streesed and then the headache ensues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for handwriting...don't even go there. The only handwriting of mine that's neat comes off the printer!!

Oh I need a coffee and a rest now!!!!!!!!! :lol:

TTFN Sami xxx

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Me too!

My grammar used to be pretty hot.....now I'm a real "numpty" when it comes to using an incorrect word.....I also have a wonderful habit of putting apostrophes in the wrong place or using them when I shouldn't.....their, there, they're.....I also do that one well now. Take for instance "quilt" when I should have put "kilt".....d'oh! :lol:

Just got back in from a trip out, so will catch up with other postings later on.

Have a good evening all.... :D

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Hi, my experience seems the same as most of you, I do tend to spell things wrong but my biggest thing is getting my words wrong, or just blanking in the midst of a sentence, told the girl in the building society the other day that the town was really quiet, not much furniture around!!!! mmmmmm...... I think I was a weeny bit like this before as well, but ots now good to have something to blame it on.

Love to all Suexxxxxxxxx

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Guest Mummybear

Hello everyone long time no speak, how are you all?

Aine you beat me too it :lol:

I've had the same problem since my SAH and get really frustrated about it. I find i can't even write in a straight line now and often need help with my spelling. If my family needed a letter writing they'd all come to me because i was so good with words but not anymore - i wonder why? :oops:


I have had memory lapses too and have even had my 5yr old finish a sentance for me - Now that's embaressing !!! My memory is getting worse and sometimes it can be dangerous especially when i put something on the cooker and forget i've done it. :cry: Shortly after my sah my then 1yr old daughter wanted a drink, i filled her bottle with milk but instead of putting the milk back in the fridge, i gave it to my daughter and put her bottle in the fridge. It sounds daft now but at the time i was devastated and cried my eyes out. I still do silly things but i'm used to them now and just laugh them off.

Have anyone spoken to their GP about these problems and if so what was the outcome?

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