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Hi from JanetM


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Hi everyone !

I have only just discovered this support group, and really wish I had found it much sooner ! On 28th January 2008 I was cooking tea when I suddenly had the worst pain ever at the back of my head. Luckily my husband was home and the next thing I remember is waking up in hospital a few hours later. After an MRI scar I was diagnosed with a ruptured aneurysm. The folllowing day I had it coiled, but unfortunately they discovered a further four unruptured aneurysms. The following week they managed to coil the two larger ones but they have had to leave the other two, as they are too small to be able to treat. I had an MRI scan last year, and touch wood everything is still ok and nothing has grown ! I was very lucky to come out of it all with no side effects, just sometimes really really tired !! (That could be my age) x It is lovely to be able to read stories from people who have gone through the same as me. Love to you all x

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Hiya JanetM,

welcome to BTG, it's nice to meet you! Everyone here is ever so friendly and willing to share their experiences, providing lots of relief from worrying about all those weird little things that now happen and are so difficult to describe to others who haven't experienced sah.

Dawn x

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Hi Janet and welcome to BTG. Pity it took a while to find us! I had my sah at the other end of 2008 and it took me over a year to come across this site.

That's more than your fair share of aneurysms:frown:

I have one other unruptured aneurysm which they are checking annually- likewise there was no sign of it having grown at my last scan. I actually found it quite reasurring that I am not alone in still feeling tired so long after the event, but every few days it really hits me and I just have to sleep, sleep and sleep again!. An age thing or not it drives me mad!

Hope you are finding your way around the site - just join in as and when:smile1:


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Hi Janet,

The SAH alone was awful, to find out you have that many annies just seems so unfair on top of it. I had 3 but all have now been coiled. My bleed was July 2008. The 3rd was coiled 3 months later as at the time of the bleed they didn't have coils small enough to fill the little one. I was told the smaller coils were 'new' at that time & had to be ordered in from the USA?

Perhaps you, me & Kempse should start a group 'Survivors of 2008'!!

Michelle x

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