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Ally McElraine on BBC Breakfast this morning.

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Thought I would share this clip with you of Alistair McElraine who used to play guitar with the band Texas. The interview starts after the first musical clip. His particular Brain Haemorrhage sounds very similar to mine as I was given similar odds. Also I remember nothing of my month in hospital but I do remember going to rehab, the change of hospital I think. I became very agitated in rehab and they only managed to keep me in for 4 days.

Here is the clip http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00r7hc8. So good to see that he has made a good recovery.

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Thanks for posting that link Momo.

It is amazing to see how well he is doing now. I was a bit surprised that nothing further was said after he said he's been discharged from all care 2 months ago but I did notice his wife looked at him to let him answer that question. I wonder is he still gets tired and headachy too? I have a vague memory of reading a newspaper or magazine article a while back. I think it was more from his wife's perspective though???

It is great to see someone who has been so ill return to what they love.

Michelle xx

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Thanks for posting that link Momo, how encouraging! My bleed was a grade 4 and it's so good to see that someone with a much worse bleed has come through so well. With my HR meeting looming tomorrow, this has really given me a much-needed boost!

Dawn x

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