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Guest Firefly

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Guest Firefly

:D Hi, I am Tricia / Firefly. I will be 47 tomorrow :oops: , I was born on Easter. :cool: It is nice to meet you all!! I was a firefighter for 5 1/2 years before my "Annie". :wink: My husband has been on the Dept. 34 years and is a LT. (He is my hero!) He works full time for an ambulance district now, so I would have insurance. Good thing, I had my Rupture 3 months after I got coverage!! :roll: Ironic??? I miss being a firefighter so much!! It was pretty much my life 24-7 before the "Annie"!!! I pray that I will be able to return in some form soon!! :?: This has definately change my life forever!!

I had a ruptured 4mm aneurysm on my left side, next to my optical artery & comm. arteries. It happed the last day of June '05, but I didn't have surgeries for repair until Sept. & Oct. 05. I had complications due to lack of immediate attention. Plus, I threw a clot during the stenting. Lucky to be here!! Thankful to be here! No matter how hard it is sometimes!!

Long story, shory : I went to the ER 3 times and to 3 Dr.s before they figured it out?? They didn't see the rupture :?: I finally found my own NS and Family Practioner who deals with "Vascular" patients, like heart and strokes... I just had my "2" year angiogram check up on 3/6/05 and it came back good!! :D I am on several meds. too.

:oops: I still have a long recovery and many obsticles to overcome! I have severe headaches, light sensitivity, coordination and perception problems. I have terrible short term memory & cognitive problems. I am still working on my speech, which has improved a lot accept on bad days. I don't even remember the first 6 months or so :?: I am still battling insomnia and fatigue!! I am a mess, but at least I still have my sence of humor!! :P Bernie and I love to razz each other!!! :twisted: We are best friends!! I am trying to get as much deep sleep as I can! I do all of the memory games, Nintendo's - "Brain Memeory Games", scrabble, word circle books, typing and playing games. I write a lot of poetry / songs a lot about "Annie's"... I try to stay as active as I can, but have a long way to go! Been trying to get some spring cleaning done, but I don't know what happened to spring?? I want flowers!!

I put my faith in God and know he kept me here for a reason and hope he will guide me to what is next?

Besides firefighting, we like to arrowhead hunt, go to our property in the middle of no where. We like to do as much together as poss., work on the house... We will be married 20 years this month! :D We are still best friends & love to spend time together!! We have no children, just a 16 year old dog. Last of 3 and they all passed of old age too. I just took in a 5 year old, spayed, cat. It was his sisters who lives next door. It was staying out here most of the time anyway. I had to have my 22 year old cat put to sleep about 6 months ago. I have always had cats, all of my life!! :twisted: They are funny!! I swore I wasn't going to get anymore!! :wink: I couldn't take not having one, so I started to let this one in to see how it would work. Now she is a big fat spoiled brat!!! I am trying to make her a full time inside cat, but it is going to take some time. She is on my bed most of the time now!! :P We love animals and live in a rural area. We garden...

I have been pretty much homebound until recently, I have made myself go do things!! I usually pay for it later!! I am still not ready for "the real world"!! :wink: Crowds are really hard for me!! Bernie, my sis, family & friends have taken very good care of me!!! :D I am very lucky and feel very blessed to be alive! I try to live each day to the fullest and the best I can, one day at a time!! :)

I am going to try to read stories and get caught up on the members. But, my memory is so bad I prob. won't be able to remember?? Please have patience with me??? Take care and I will remember you all in my prayers!! Tricia / Firefly :wink:

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Hi Tricia,

Welcome and wishing you a very "happy birthday" for tomorrow!


It's lovely to hear your story and it sounds as though your problems post SAH are very similar to my own.

I had my SAH in July 2005, so I'm about 19 months on. I had an aneurysm coiled on my post right communicating artery. The annie hasn't been totally occluded, so I'm waiting for some MRI scan results, that were taken in March 07.

I also suffered a third nerve palsy to my right eye.....which has opened up completely, but the eye itself, still isn't in the correct position......you barely notice it when you're looking at it, but it's still slightly out of position and therefore causes sight problems, especially when I'm tired. Like yourself, I still consider myself a mess and today has been a particularly bad day .... I still have a lot of demons to battle... :roll:

Lucky you being married to a firefighter! .... must be the uniform thing or the thought of being rescued, but I'm sure that most of the ladies here would envy you!! :lol: I can well imagine how much you miss your work and your are the very first lady firefighter on the site! I still haven't been able to return to work and I must admit that I miss the interaction with others....however, I don't miss the actual work itself... :wink:

I'm also a cat lover ..... I had to have my cat Marmalade put to sleep about a month ago......he was 11.....it was all very quick and quite a shock....but I miss his presence around the house and it's been a sad time.

What's an arrowhead hunt? most of us on the board are from the UK, so it's really interesting to hear what our friends in the USA get up to.

Anyway, will leave this here and it's great to hear from you.... :D

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Guest goldie

Love the picture of you and Bernie.....that's a nice pic...hope yall had a great day together...talk to ya soon...love Cindy :D

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