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New member - Patsy

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Hope you get help on here as I have found it so Good ...as I know I am not the only one who had SAH....phew...

People will come on here and help...it has done me the world of good.....especially one woman said "Hi I had SAH 19 years ago"

I was like thank you God there is a life after SAH lol

Keep smiling Patsy xx

WinB143 xx

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Thanks for the welcome :-D

Yes it has been a tough 14 months but we are here arnt we. My SAH affected my right eye, it affected a muscle so that eyeball looked slightly downwards causing me double vision. I have had to walk around for 14 months with one lens taped up on plain lens glasses I said I looked like Jack Duckworth with tape on my glasses lol. My neuro consultant told me the opthalmic surgery would be ineffective but I have proved them wrong! I had the opthalmic surgery 4 weeks ago and my vision is now back to single I am delighted :-D

Fortunately I don't have any obvious disabilities however me being off my feet in a hospital bed for 4 months has left me with terrible pain now in my legs, knees :-( I am currently having physiotherapy with a knee specialist so fingers crossed they can help me there.

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Hi Patsy & welcome to BTG

I have the same problem with my right eye, mine will stay patched as it's too far out from normal to correct (up & down don't work only side to side does). They talked about surgery so that my left eye would move the same as the right but in the end it could have caused more harm than good. really good that your surgical correction has worked, I still walk round with my right eye closed when I get up to go to the bathroom as the double vision is like sea sickness

I hope to chat more with you later xxx

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Hi Patsy

Warm welcome to the site, glad you found us.

I've just answered your other post...

I had a SAH then I took viral meningitis I think the latter was worse on me than the haemorrhage & that was bad enough.

look forward to hearing more from you, take care

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As you say we are still here..some never made it ...shame..but we have still got a sense of humour..Jack Duckworth..lol

Keep going its a long haul but we will prove Hospitals wrong lol...They said I wouldn't walk..can do about 50yards then back kills me ...but better than no walking at all.............Be Well and.........................

Keep Happy

WinB143 xx

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