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Issues with hearing and Tinnitus and feeling spaced out...

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I posted earlier about issues with floaters and flashing lights after my bleed in March,but I forgot to mention about the issues I have with my ears feeling full and noisy and just the general feeling of being on another planet, spaced out and dreamy?!

I just would love to hear if this is normal?? and also, because they haven't found a cause for the bleed what could it have been? a vessel that has blown itself up? I have so many questions arrrrggghh!!


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Hi Bev and welcome to BTG :-D

since my sah, I've had super-sonic hearing. The whooshing sounds have gone now but it took a while though I'm not sure when I realised they'd gone, it's been almost one year for me since the sah. I've always had floaters anyway, they don't seem any different now. If you are concerned at all about the symptoms you're having, go to your GP and discuss it with them. They might not have all the answers but might be able to put your mind at rest. The spaced-out feeling does get better, though I find it returns if I've pushed myself too far.

Dawn x

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I had perfect pitch for a while and could feel my digestion in my legs. Weird. It's perfectly normal to have strange sensory interpretation for a while even though it can be disconcerting because it's not anything you've ever experienced before SAH.

Also., I felt very dreamy all the time along with dizzy, vertigo, fatigued, tiered, drowsy, and/or drunk. All of these have eased with time, so try and just tolerate what you're dealing with today and it will get better...no one can tell you how much, but time does help a lot.

I had no known cause for my SAH either and feelings around that come and go. One day, I'm not worried at all because the statistics say that it is unlikely that it will happen again, and then the next day...bam, I'm crying about it again. We will never know that answer to our SAH so learning to live with that uncertainty is very challenging. I wish you the best.


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My Family say.."Stop shouting" I reply " You would shout if you had the wooshing and other sounds I am hearing"

Because I cannot hear through noise when bad I think others cannot hear me also ... Like this Ready ?

AL AL (hubby) oh you are behind me Al.....phew ya scared me ....oh poo what a life.this is .....lol

Love to All

Win143 xx

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All sounds normal to me. How about that unexpected slam of the door? Early on I could not stand the hum of the refrigerator in the house. Everything humming was driving me crazy. That has really improved but I my dyslexic (not spelling well today)is so much worse. I cannot HEAR the diffference between words packet or package or when writing I know my word may write know for NO or now or just type any word that starts with a N if I am really tired.

My startle reflex is aways on high -so now it is like full blown give me a heart attack.

I talk like - the neuro examiner does -when I am at work or like someone who speaks another lanauge--

DO YOU WANT ME TO DO THAT? and it is really loud and hang on each word making them very clear to understand - People think I am being mean but this is how I need to understand sometimes. I want people to talk that way to me when I am fatigued. LOL

Yep floaters and eye problems. Saw an neuro optho and have some blind spots- I am use to them now but floaters are back when tired.

Good luck maryb

PS totally cannot hear a TV program with talking and music in background- it is like music is louder than voices. so what do I do but turn tv up???

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You are so right Mary...someone was making comment on athlete and music was going on...I was saying to my daughter.

WHAT DID HE SAY?...she got the hump at me.... phew cannot even listen to Olympics without someone getting on case...lol

WinB143 xx

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I do get these feelings 4 years on with the added effect of dizzyness x x x (which scares me its all happening again)

I go to the doctors because I am that scared about the sensations but they dont seem to have a clue and give me meds x x it happens about once a month x x

I was told it could be virtigo x x

speak to the docs hun x x I am there monthly hehe x x

lots love



PS .... When I worry I do feel worse though x x

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I am so glad I found you guys! I have exactly these experiences and I was thinking its all my imagination. The weird, loopy, drunk thing got me this afternoon....I ran into and old acquaintance who asked me how I am. I looked like death warmed over (its only been 4 weeks and I just wanted to get out of the house so I hadn't really "spiffed up." Next thing I know, I'm telling her all about the SAH and how I'm going to eat healthy from now on - where did that come from?? I must have sounded nuts! Ah well.

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