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Seeing Some Control Again?

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I stopped my first 'Rant' this AM. I've decided to call them 'Rants' as they have a similar course to them. First I have an overwhelming feeling, then I begin to cry the biggest cry of my life, then I assign a reason for it, and then I get all existential and it lasts about an hour every time. BUT, today I started and then said, 'No, I don't want to think about that.' and then it took a couple of minutes to get it out of my mind, and then it totally stopped!!!! Wow. I am gaining some control again.

What ways have you guys started to feel more in control? I'd love to know.


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HA! Great idea? I did that to stop smoking to redirect my thoughts. I think that is why I NEVER cry anymore unless someone dies. But it is training the brain. I use to say when I wanted a cigarette " I will have one later" or just "LATER". I would not say NO but we were not going to go down that path right now.


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Well, I do want to cry at appropriate things when I feel them, but not at things I don't really care about that much. It is so hard to sort out sometimes.

For example, Yesterday on a walk I found myself being really astonished by a weed in the grass. I had that childlike inhale with open mouth and everything. I-Kris, could care less about weeds in general and that one specifically...yet I was astonished non-the-less. This is easy for me to identify as a 'Not Real' emotion for me. However, it gets so complicated when the emotions are complex. 'Is it real?' I always ask my husband. Real, but not typical for me is what my psychologist tells me. Great, but I do have real and typical ones too...and sometimes I have real, but not typical responses like when I laugh hysterically at a joke that's only slightly funny. I guess it makes the joke-teller feel really good, so it's not all bad :)

So, yes it takes a lot of mind control. Sometimes way more than I have, but sometimes I see into the dark recesses where the strange emotion is produced.

Thanks for helping me see that many others who are just trying to quit smoking are facing a similar thing. I'm sure that goes for weight loss too! There is a life goal and you don't always behave in a way that's congruent with it. :crazy:


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Hi Kris,

I do hysterical, tears running down my face laughter at things that really are only mildly amusing (mostly at my own errors!) and cry at things that are sad but not really in any way related to my own life.

Guess it's just another of those 'brain things'? I like the giigling fit part, except when I'm driving,the tears I could happily live without :roll:

Michelle x

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I cry much more often than I used to. I used to try and reason things out. Then I came to the conclusion I cry because my brain wants me to. Sometimes it is watching a sappy commercial. Sometimes it is listening to music, I like crying at music... makes me look like the strong sensitive type :-P

I should probably check my blood pressure when I cry. maybe it is a relief valve and my brain may be saying,"we are not going through this again"

I do know if I stop, step back and reason things out, take some slow deliberate breaths, I can often make it pass. But other times I just ride the wave and see where I land.

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I cry if the wind blows. I cry if I spill milk. I cry at a sad story on TV. I cry if I see someone handicapped at my Pain Clinic. Yep, I'm a big fat baby. But I imagine crying is your body and brain's way of releasing emotion at appropriate or inappropriate times.

But lately, I do know that I have to be careful what situations in. Hard crying takes alot out of me. So I don't thing visiting my mom's grave is a good idea right now. Or going to a sad movie. Sometimes I cry from exhaustion. I wish I could do something about the fatigue, but I can't. So I'm crying on to the next day if it comes.


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It helps to have a release valve and that's what crying is..

Once My Mum took me to Doctors and we walked into his room as we walked in Mum hit her head on low ceiling arch.

Mum " My Daughter has had this ....

Doc " Your daughter can tell me" he said in stern voice.

Doc "Now what's wrong "

I looked at my Mum she is calling him names quietly, while holding her head ...my shoulders started to move up and down.

I told him through tears of laughter explaining my Mum hit her head as an excuse.

Then my Mum pipes up "I get that also Doctor" ..He replied "one at a time PLEASE".. She/Mum replied to him in no uncertain terms

I'll make this clear Doc as you seem a rude person and making my daughter laugh is my number 1 priority in life..

Then she let rip at him..How manners cost nothing and that his stupid ceiling needs altering etc and so forth..She was fun xx

So be like my Mum was and cry until you laugh if poss xx

We walked out of Docs giggling so much ...ahh good times ..made me feel so much better

Love to All

WinB143 xxxxxxxxxxx

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